Burger King's New Whopperito Is as Disgusting as It Looks

Burger King
Is it a cheeseburger or is it a burrito? Burger King

If you thought Burger King lost its damn mind when it began serving hot dogs at all U.S. locations in February, it's gotten worse. On August 15, the fast-food chain with no regard for basic decency will begin offering a cheeseburger burrito nationwide. It's called, naturally, the Whopperito.

The Whopperito is exactly what it sounds like: a Whopper…burrito-ified. That is to say instead of a sesame-seed bun, the ingredients of a Whopper—beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles—have been wrapped up in a tortilla. In lieu of ketchup, mayo or mustard (the line has to be drawn somewhere), the innards are held together with the help of some queso sauce. The innovation will only be in restaurants for three to four months, unless it is wildly popular, in which case we have to assume it will become a regular menu item. You can grab one for $2.99.

"It's certainly one of the first times that we've tapped into the Tex-Mex category," Burger King's North American President Alex Macedo said in an interview. "It's one of the fastest-growing categories—consumers like the freshness of it, they like the mix of flavors."

What does it actually look like?

It's been a weird year for Burger King, one in which the chain has thought outside the fast-food box in ways that previously would have been hard to imagine. Chains typically innovate within the bounds of their standard offerings. A hamburger place like Carl's Jr., for example, will just throw a bunch of gross shit on a hamburger or roll it out with a large-breasted advertising campaign. In 2016, Burger King has defied its own name with its Grilled Dogs (which, at least at first, were a hit) and now the Whopperito.

But Burger King's most gut-wrenching new product of the year might be its Mac n' Cheetos, which are, yes, oversized Cheetos filled, somehow, with macaroni and cheese. Gross, we know. Earlier this month, internet food personality The Vulgar Chef claimed to Foodbeast that the idea was initially his. "At first, I was like what the fuck? Like, you're fucking Burger King," he said. "It actually is a little flattering that a company as large as BK would take an idea from a fat, drunk, illiterate food blogger who is basically an internet food troll. Kind of sad if you ask me."

The Vulgar Chef's "Cheetos-Crusted Mac n' Cheese Fries" do indeed bear a strong resemblance to Burger King's Mac n' Cheetos, but as is almost always the case when Big Corporation rips off Internet Creator, there isn't much the victim can do outside of spreading awareness. In the meantime, we're still waiting for your stoner cousin to speak up about BK ripping off his idea for a cheeseburger burrito…or for Chipotle to start selling hamburgers, which is actually freaking happening this fall.