Burger King Worker Allegedly Pulled Gun on Customers at Drive-Thru, Faces Charges

A Burger King worker in Michigan allegedly pulled a gun on customers at a restaurant's drive-thru and is now facing charges arising from the incident earlier this year.

The employee has been identified as 24-year-old Dustin Rocheleau who is accused of pulling the firearm on three customers in Livonia, Michigan on April 28 following a dispute about their payment method.

Police say Rocheleau was working at the restaurant's drive-thru at 29211 Seven Mile Rd. when he produced a handgun and pointed it at the customers, who were in a car outside the drive-up window.

The customers quickly drove away from the site shortly after the gun was produced, according to the Livonia Police Department

Nobody was injured and the gun was not fired.

Livonia PD said on Facebook: "At the time of the incident, Rocheleau was working the drive thru when it is alleged he pointed a handgun at three customers after a disagreement over the method of payment. The customers sped off and notified Livonia Police.

"Rocheleau fled the Burger King on foot and was subsequently located by officers nearby. A handgun was recovered from his back pack and he was arrested without incident," the police department said.

Rocheleau is now facing eight felony counts arising from the incident, including firearms charges. He waived his right to a preliminary exam and is due to appear in court for his arraignment on August 5.

Surveillance video shared by the Livonia Police Department shows Rocheleau working at the drive-thru and leaning out the window to speak with customers in an idling vehicle. He appears to pull out a handgun and point it them, at which point the car quickly drives away.

Rocheleau can be seen turning toward the camera with a gun in his hand as another employee approaches him.

Police also shared body cam of footage of Rocheleau's arrest. He can be seen wearing a shirt that features the Burger King mascot, the Burger King, on the back.

In the video, Rocheleau tells police: "You guys have got yourself a nice bust today, I'll tell you that." As police go to search his bag, Rocheleau appears to tell them: "You guys are about to have a field day with this one."

When he is asked why, Rocheleau replies: "You guys are about to love these bags." The video then shows an officer finding a gun in one of the bags.

Newsweek has asked the Livonia Police Department for comment. Burger King has also been contacted for comment.

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A Burger King restaurant displays a sign reading 'Open for Drive Thru and Takeout Only' amid the coronavirus outbreak on March 18, 2020 in Mount Airy, Maryland. A Burger King employee in Michigan allegedly pulled a gun on drive-thru customers. Patrick Smith/Getty Images