Quora Question: What's the Best Way to Pitch to a Big Angel Investor?

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Answer from Jason McCabe Calacanis, Angel investor (Uber, Thumbtack, Wealthfront); Founder: Engadget, Inside, LAUNCH.

1. Send me an InVision link of your product -- I'm a sucker for great design. I click on almost every product link that I get.

2. Get an intro from a founder who I've invested in.

3. Apply to my incubator, because in the incubator I spend 50-75 hours over 3 months with every company… I've started to focus on that more than anything in my life.

4. No business plans, no ideas, no coffee meetings, no 10 page emails—all of those are death to an investor.

5. Answer my basic questions with basic answers... on email! you wouldn't believe how many times I email someone "how do you make money?" or "how can I help?" and they don't answer that question, but then lobby me to get lunch. With 500 emails a day, I couldn't possibly go to lunch with everyone, but if I'm asking you questions on email I'm already on the hook... send me data, send me screenshots, etc.

6. Come to my events (LAUNCH Festival).

7. Listen to This Week in Startups and write a blog post about an episode and discuss what you learned (again, I'm a sucker for the superfans of my podcast.)

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