California Boy Shoots Police With Water Pistol in Video

A six-year-old boy was caught on camera squirting deputies with a water gun in Tulare County, California, this weekend.

Tulare County Sheriff's Office shared the encounter on Facebook with a post titled: "Bad Boys, Bad Boys! Whatcha Gonna Do?!"

The sheriff's office said its deputies were patrolling the local waterways when they met their match in Matix Fultz, aged six.

"Little Matix was enjoying a day on Lake Kaweah with his family when the TCSO Deputies rode past in their patrol boat," said the sheriff's office in the Facebook post, "That's when Matix decided to take the law into his own hands and squirt the Deputies with his water gun!"

Bad Boys, Bad Boys! Whatcha Gonna Do?!Tulare County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were patrolling the local waterways this weekend when they may have met...

The video sees the sheriff's boat sailing past Matix, who aims his gun directly at the deputy and squirts.

The deputy teases Matix by opening his arms ready to take the attack and as the boat moves away out of the splash zone.

The sheriff's office went on to say: "Of course, it was all in good fun! And the Deputies turned around and gave all the kids stickers!

"As the school year comes to an end, Sheriff Boudreaux hopes everyone has a fun and safe summer! If you go out on our waterways, please always use extreme caution. And if you see some of our Deputies out there, don't forget to say hi!"

Sonni Fultz, Matix's mother, told Newsweek: "Matix started squirting towards the boat and it took us all by surprise. The boat was way too far for him to reach. Then the officer stood up and gave Matix the go-ahead. So we all started cheering him on.

"The officer was such a good sport. He even walked to the end of the boat so Matix had a better chance. He was kind of taunting him. Matix was super excited when they turned around and handed him stickers. He's always asking any officers he sees for stickers. Well, and the Target employees."

Facebook users were delighted by the sweet video, like Jonathan Jones who said: "I love that they aren't getting mad! Gotta learn to have fun! People need to remember law enforcement are people too."

Matix's mom said in a Facebook comment: "You guys are great... My son thought it was absolutely the coolest thing that you asked him to squirt you. Thank you for having a little fun with the kiddos and keeping us all safe on the lake..."

Matix's mother also set the record straight for anyone who thought the water-gun attack was malicious, and in response to a comment that said "no respect," Fultz said: "read the post, love. Those are my babies and they have the [utmost] respect for our officers. It was all in fun."

Nevertheless, some viewers think the encounter was not a fair fight, like Randy Saelee who suggested that next time, the deputies "carry some water balloons," while Jeanette Rodriguez asked them to "please start carrying water guns out on boat patrol."

Water gun
A stock image of a water pistol spraying out a jet of water. A six-year-old boy was caught on camera squirting deputies with a water gun. franconiaphoto/Getty