California Fire Map, Update As Rampaging Bobcat Fire Still Only 3 Percent Contained

Nearly 7,900 wildfires in California have burned a total of over 3.3 million acres of this year, according to the latest report Wednesday by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire).

More than 17,000 firefighters are combating 25 major fires and two "extended attack wildfires" in the state, including the Bobcat Fire in Los Angeles County, which has burned over 46,000 acres but remains only three percent contained, according to the latest report by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS).

"A Fire Weather Watch is in effect over the eastern Sierra from Modoc County in the north to Inyo County in the south for gusty winds and low humidity, bringing critical fire weather conditions to the area...a warming trend is expected to return this weekend, bringing elevated fire danger," Cal Fire warned.

Here are the latest updates on some of the major fires across the state.

Bobcat Fire

  • Location: Los Angeles County
  • Acres: 46,263
  • Containment: 3 percent

"With decreased smoke conditions, increased temperatures, and lower relative humidity, the fire saw growth along the perimeter," said the latest report Wednesday from the USFS.

"The area around Mt. Wilson and the southwestern edge of the fire remains active where crews continue to protect the Mt. Wilson Observatory infrastructure. The north side of the fire in Cooper Canyon continues northward into the Pleasant View Wilderness," the report added.

An evacuation order was issued for residents in the area north of Angeles Crest North and between Clear Creek Station and Highway 39, while evacuation orders were lifted in the areas north of Elkins Avenue and east of Santa Anita Avenue in the communities of Arcadia and Sierra Madre.

Evacuation warnings remain in place for the foothill communities of Monrovia, Bradbury, Sierra Madre, Arcadia, Altadena, Duarte and Pasadena, and for residents north of Foothill Boulevard and east of Santa Anita Avenue, the report confirmed.

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August Complex Fire

  • Location: Mendocino, Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity counties
  • Acres: 817,952
  • Containment: 30 percent
  • Structures threatened: 13,926

The August Complex Fire is split across three zones—North, South and West.

The updated acreage in the West Zone stands at 42,171 acres. "The complexity of four teams managing one fire resulted in some acres being counted twice. Reconciliation of the acreage calculations puts the current acreage of the August Complex West Zone at 42,171 acres," Cal Fire said in its latest report Wednesday.

"The fire remained active last night [Tuesday], with moderate fire behavior and isolated torching observed within the fire perimeter. The fire continues to make uphill slope-driven runs when in alignment with topography."

In the North Zone, light winds helped maintain a "slow, steady, active fire spread in the downwind direction," on Wednesday and additional fire spread is projected for the north in the Ruth Valley and on the east side of Mad River Road, according to the latest report Thursday from the Incident Information System of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG).

Over in the South Zone, "significant fire activity continues in the southwest corner of the fire, with up drainage runs during the night, and steady backing fire during the day towards the Pillsbury Lake area," the report noted.

The southwest portion of the fire is forecast to remain active, as southwest winds clear the smoke from the area. "Steady progression of backing and flanking fire towards the west, with runs to the north in drainages are anticipated, resulting in fire growth over the next couple of days," the report said.

Evacuation orders, warnings and road closures remain in place across multiple parts of Humboldt County. See Cal Fire's full report for details.

Wondering why air quality readings have improved but it still seems hazy outside? Onshore flow has pushed out some smoke near the surface, but there is still quite a bit of smoke higher in the atmosphere. This forecast loop shows that. #CAwx

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North Complex Fire

  • Location: Yuba, Plumas and Butte counties
  • Acres: 273,335
  • Containment: 36 percent
  • Fatalities: at least 15

The North Complex Fire is spread across three zones—North, South and West.

The fire in the West Zone burned 77,479 acres and is 30 percent contained. Favorable weather conditions during the day allowed firefighters to strengthen existing containment lines and form new ones, Cal Fire's latest report Wednesday confirmed.

In the North Zone, fire behavior was reported to have increased on Red Mountain Wednesday, with two spot fires (around 11 and 23 acres) discovered in the Grizzly Lake area, south of Oro-Quincy Highway.

Containment lines in the South Zone continued to hold and were strengthened. "Southwest winds caused the fire to remain active in Onion Valley, keeping the priority of reinforcing indirect fire line along ridges and roads tying into LaPorte Road," the report said.

Evacuation orders, warnings and road closures are in place across Butte, Plumas, and Yuba counties. See the county websites for more information.

Creek Fire

  • Location: Fresno and Madera counties
  • Acres: 220,025
  • Containment: 18 percent
  • Structures threatened: 9,934

In Madera County, the fire was expected to remain active at the Gaggs Campground, Chiquito Creek and Portuguese Viewpoint areas as well as around Central Camp and South Fork Bluffs, according to Cal Fire's report Wednesday.

"Smoke was present across the area today [Wednesday], but lessened with slightly stronger winds aloft and will further decrease Thursday and Friday as winds aloft increase with a cold front

"A Fire Weather Watch is in effect Thursday afternoon through Friday. Southwest wind gusts could reach 50 mph above 7,500 feet on the northeast side late Thursday into Friday. The rest of the fire area will see lighter winds gusting to 25 mph," Cal Fire said in the report.

In Fresno County, efforts have been focused on fire perimeter control in Cherry Valley and Blue Canyon on the southeast side of the fire. "Daytime relative humidity remained low and afternoon terrain driven winds were stronger," the report said.

Evacuation orders remain in place across parts of both counties. See Cal Fire's full report for details.

The acreage burned by wildfires has increased drastically in the last 10 years. More acres have burned this year in California than ever before. Now more than ever you should plan, prepare, and stay aware. Learn more by visiting

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SQF Complex Fire

  • Location: Tulare County
  • Acres: 114,320
  • Containment: 12 percent
  • Structures threatened: 3,183

The SQF Complex Fire in the Sequoia National Forest is made of the Castle and Shotgun fires. Most of the Castle Fire is within the Sequoia National Forest, while some of it is also burning in the Inyo National Forest.

"Low RH [relative humidity] recoveries are supporting active fire behavior and as fire establishes in drainage bottoms, uphill runs are possible. The fire continues to remain active in the Freeman creek drainage moving to the west. The Shotgun fire exhibited low intensity surface fire in sparse fuel. Growth remains moderate," said the latest NWCG report Thursday.

"RH recoveries in the teens will allow for critical burning conditions through the night. These conditions along with forecasted weather conditions can produce another large growth day. The fire growth will continue to be primarily to the south and west."

Areas that continue to be impacted by the fire include Freeman Creek Giant Sequoia Grove, structures in the Pyles Boys Camp area, the community of Ponderosa, Mountain Home State Forest, the Highway 190 corridor, USFS facilities and infrastructure, the Blue Ridge National Wildlife Refuge, the community of Springville, Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks, as well as South Fork of the Tule municipal watershed.

Areas threatened by the fire include the Tule River Reservation, the Blackrock Ranger Station and other USFS facilities, the Monache Meadows, the Kern River Guard Station and adjacent private land, the report confirmed.

Evacuation orders are in place for the following areas:

  • Ponderosa
  • Pyles Boys Camp
  • South Fork
  • Redwood Drive
  • Alpine Village
  • Sequoia Crest
  • Doyle Springs
  • Highway 190 along the south from the intersection of Balch Park Road, north to Blue Ridge Lookout, east to Moses Mountain, and south to Highway 190 at Mahogany Flat
  • Upper Tule River Corridor (Camp Nelson, Pierpoint, Coy Flat, Mountain Aire, and points between)
  • Cedar Slope
  • Portions of Three Rivers, including south and east from 198, east to south of the Fork Campground, including South Fork Drive, Horn, Cinnamon Canyon, and Cahoon Mountain, and adjacent roads.

Evacuation warnings are in place for the community of Springville (all points between Globe Drive and Balch Park Road), Silver City, Mineral King and the areas of Three Rivers that are not under a mandatory evacuation order. See Cal Fire's full report for details.

Dolan Fire

  • Location: Monterey County
  • Acres: 122,178
  • Containment: 40 percent

Firefighters continued work on a burnout operation on McKern Road Wednesday to keep the fire from moving south of McKern Road and Nacimiento-Ferguson Road. Structure protection work in the Arroyo Seco, a tributary of the Salinas River, continued Wednesday, with efforts focused on keeping the fire south and east of the river, Cal Fire confirmed in its latest report.

"There's a forecasted wind change on Thursday from generally southerly winds to northwest/west winds. While wind speeds are not predicted to increase, the change of direction could push fire farther east. Hot and dry conditions will persist inland and on the east side of the fire area and firefighters are expecting very active fire behavior," the report said.

Highway 1 is closed between milepost 25 and milepost 10, while Nacimiento-Ferguson Rd is closed to all traffic from Highway 1 to the Fort Hunter Liggett base boundary line, the report added. Evacuation orders and warnings are in effect across parts of Monterey County. See Cal Fire's full report for more information.

Today 17,000 firefighters are battling 25 major wildfires statewide. The latest numbers on all active wildland fires at:

— CAL FIRE (@CAL_FIRE) September 16, 2020

El Dorado Fire

  • Location: San Bernardino and Riverside counties
  • Acres: 18,506
  • Containment: 63 percent

The fire was reported to have "slowly backed down at low intensity" along Highway 38 around the Angelus Oaks area, according to the latest report Wednesday by Cal Fire.

"Structure protection continues from Pinezanita to Jenks Lake by increasing defensible space, hose line placement and fire line construction along Highway 38 due to the potential for increased fire activity with the alignment of topography and predicted weather over the fire area over the next few days," the report said.

"The weather remains dry and hot and the fire will align with topography and is expected to burn actively up slope towards the San Bernardino Peak (northeast) towards the Lake Fire scar."

Evacuation warnings remain in effect for the Mountain Home Village, Forest Falls, Angelus Oaks and Seven Oaks areas. See Cal Fire's full report for more information.

Other fires

  • Slater/Devil Fires in Siskiyou County: 147,583 acres; 10 percent contained
  • Red Salmon Complex in Humboldt County: 95,210 acres; 18 percent contained
  • Blue Jay Fire in Mariposa County: 4,061 acres; 20 percent contained
  • Rattlesnake Fire in Tulare County: 1,441 acres; 0 percent contained

For the latest up-to-date information on these fires and others in the state, visit the Cal Fire website.

Bobcat Fire Los Angeles California September 2020
Smoke rises from the Bobcat Fire burning in the San Gabriel mountains above Monrovia, California on September 16. Ringo Chiu/AFP via Getty Images