California Men Dubbed 'Botox Bandits' Flee Spa After Treatments Worth $4,000

A police investigation was launched in Los Angeles this week when two men fled from a medical clinic after receiving procedures worth roughly $4,000.

Dr. Benny Hau, MD, the director of the downtown treatment center Sculpt DTLA, released his surveillance footage of the suspects to Facebook this week. In one post, he warned others in the area that the two men had been "going to local businesses and burglarizing them."

Hau told CBS Los Angeles (KCBS-TV) the men came into his clinic around 3:30 p.m. on Monday. One received Botox in his forehead and the other had lip-fillers, he confirmed. They were nervous before the procedures, nurse Natalie Hau told the outlet. One suspect, a black male, was described as being in his 20s and the second, a white male, seemed in his 30s.

"They said they'd never received treatment before, and both said they wanted to look really, really nice," Hau told the Los Angeles Times newspaper. "They wanted to look beautiful." The doctor later noted: "They said they would recommend us to friends, write good reviews."

CBS Los Angeles dubbed the pair the "Botox bandits."

Hau said neither suspect asked how much the procedures would cost, but that had happened with other clients. The director took a "before" picture of one man, which he later uploaded to social media. After the older man went to the bathroom twice suspicions were raised, Hau said.

After around 10 minutes, the second man asked to go and locate his friend. "I said 'just follow them' because it is unusual for both patients to use the bathroom at one time, and we didn't want them to run off," Hau told the Los Angeles Times. After a receptionist followed, the man pushed her out of the way and ran out via an emergency exit. Both men then fled the scene.

"I had patients in the other room while they were there," the doctor added. "I'm just happy my patients were safe, my nurse was safe, my receptionist was safe and nobody got hurt."

On Tuesday, Hau‎ released photos and footage of the pair. "If you have any information please call (213)486-6606 officer Teyechea is handling this case," he appealed online. "A police report has been submitted and [the] LAPD is actively investigating."

The men may face grand theft charges if located and detained, CBS Los Angeles reported. The director said that clinic policies had been updated to help stop similar thefts in the future.

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