California Man Drops Pants, Moons Homeowner Before Trying To Invade Home Through Dog Door

A California man tried breaking into a couple's house in the town of Fairfield by crawling through the doggy door, after he removed his pants and mooned the homeowner.

The encounter between the man and the couple occurred on January 8 but was reported by the Fairfield Police Department on January 14.

According to FOX40 News in California, the husband, Fred Farrell, noticed the intruder walking toward his home while he was working in his garage. Farrell and his wife, who was inside the house at the time, then saw that the man had removed his pants and was mooning them.

"He dropped his drawers and mooned her and was trying to get her outside," Farrell told FOX40 News.

The suspect then attempted to enter the house. He failed to do so through a sliding door but then tried the dog door, which is when Farrell's wife decided to call the police.

"While the resident was on the phone with dispatchers, she relayed the subject was in her yard, starting to take off his pants, and then looked like he was going to enter the house through a pet door," the Fairfield Police Department's report said.

Police then arrived, but the suspect wouldn't cooperate and decided to run away. The suspect "fled, jumping over fences in the neighborhood," but was caught shortly after, police said.

While the couple assumed he was just a man trying to break into their home, the police said they found out that the suspect, whom they identified as Leroy Vance, was a registered sex offender and was wanted for violating his parole terms.

"Vance is on parole for a drug sales offense and is required to register as a sexual assault offender," the police wrote. "To make matters worse, Vance had cut off his ankle monitor that he is required to wear."

Vance was then arrested and placed in Solano County jail in California "for violation of his parole, possession of methamphetamine, criminal trespass and resisting arrest," police said.

While speaking to FOX40 News after the arrest, Farrell noted that his wife was "very shaken up" but said he was pleased with the outcome of the situation.

"I thank the big guy that there were no kids around," Farrell said. "He's a sex offender."

"I want him off the streets," Farrell said. "He ought to be put in prison. I just wonder why he was let out of jail."

Leroy Vance
Booking photo of Leroy Vance, who was arrested in Fairfield, California, in a home break-in incident, according to police. Fairfield Police Department/Fairfield Police Department