California Cop Investigated For Pulling Gun on Fellow Officer During Mask Dispute

A California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) law enforcement officer was caught on surveillance footage brandishing his gun at a fellow officer.

The San Bernardino Police Department have reportedly launched an investigation into the incident, said to have occurred during a dispute over enforcing the wearing of masks on the university campus.

The incident have happened on campus on September 15, ABC 7 News reported.

In the footage, which has no audio, the officers can be seen gathered around and talking in a group when one suddenly gets out his sidearm and points it in the direction of another cop for about a second.

A Cal State University San Bernardino campus police officer is being investigated for pulling his gun on a fellow officer. Was it just a joke? An investigation is underway. Story on @ABC7 at 6pm.

— Rob McMillan (@abc7robmcmillan) October 30, 2020

Before taking out the weapon, the CSUSB officer had apparently told his fellow cops to enforce the mask requirement on campus, according to local attorney Tristan Pelayes, who was hired by the alleged victim.

He told ABC 7 News that his client had questioned the legal authority for such a command before the gun was drawn.

A San Bernardino police spokesperson confirmed to the broadcaster that a report had been filed and the incident is being investigated as a misdemeanor charge.

Newsweek has contacted the San Bernadino Police Department, Pelayes and CSUSB for comment.

What the officer's lawyer has said

Pelayes told ABC 7 News that his client filed an internal complaint against his sergeant as well as filing a report with San Bernardino police.

But Pelayes added that the incident should not be investigated as a felony charge for assault with a deadly weapon rather than a misdemeanor charge.

The attorney said he could not believe that the incident was caught on film.

"My client questioned the authority for that. For instance, if we were to arrest somebody or escort somebody off the campus, what is our legal authority for that?

"Apparently, that conversation led to the sergeant losing his temper, and ultimately pulling a gun on my client."

Pelayes said that officers pulling out their gun is a "last resort" and something they learn early on in their career.

He said officers should not pull out a gun because they are joking, had a bad day or have a temper.

"If you are that kind of officer, you should not be wearing a badge, and you certainly should not be carrying a gun," he said.