California School Sparks Outrage Over Test Calling Florida, Texas 'Complete Idiots'

Whitney High School in Rocklin, California, is investigating after a politically partisan question was apparently included in a test set by a social science teacher.

A student taking a history quiz in a class at the high school took a screenshot of one of the questions on the quiz, which read:

A group of complete idiots is:

b "All of Florida
c Fox News
d Texans

Local media outlet Good Day Sacramento reported the student's "family friend" then uploaded the photo to social media, where it was been and commented on hundreds of times.

Some social media commentators expressed their outrage at the test, with several describing the question as "inappropriate."

Barbara Cohan wrote on Facebook: "School should not be political! We have to stop making everything political."

Brigeetuh 4 America Flag Of United States tweeted: "He's very wrong if he's vocalizing his political beliefs while teaching US History to teenagers. The only thing about him that's amazing is that he thinks that's ok."

And Karen Julio questioned whether uproar would be amplified if left-wingers were the target of such a question, writing: "I wonder if the outrage would be much higher, went viral, and the teacher fired, if the answer options were; a) far-left activists, b) liberals, c) BLM, d) President Biden and his handlers."

A message to the Whitney High School community:

— Whitney High School (@WhitneyUnited) November 5, 2021

However, some people agreed with the teacher, with Twitter user Nothing But Beach joking: "Why no E) All of the above?"

An anonymous parent told Fox News reportedly one of the targets of the question, how the unnamed teacher's one-sided political comments frequently targeted Republicans.

They said: "The question on the test is really blatant obviously and that's out there. This has been the first time it has been looked at of him crossing the line."

A letter signed by school principal Justin Cutts over the weekend confirmed "a class assignment" had "caused concern among the WHS community" and that "disciplinary steps" could be implemented.

A teacher at Whitney High School in CA put this question on a quiz:

— Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) November 8, 2021

It read: "On Thursday, November 4, 2021, a quiz was assigned to students by a social science teacher. However, students, families and the Rocklin community have raised concerns about the class assignment. The Whitney High School Administration Trust and the Rocklin Unified School District recognizes and shared their concerns and is conducting a thorough investigation.

"Whitney High and Rocklin Unified is committed to providing each student, family and staff with a safe and welcoming environment. While personnel matters will remain confidential, appropriate disciplinary steps will be taken."

Newsweek has contacted Whitney High School for an update on this story.

Test Calling Florida, Texas ‘Complete Idiots’
A California high school's multiple-choice quiz question reportedly asked students to identify the "group of complete idiots", with many of the answers linked to the Republican Party Ridofranz/Getty Images