‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ Prestige Breakdown: How Much XP You’ll Need To Rank Up

Grinding in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 can feel like an uphill battle. Experience in multiplayer is crucial for gaining ranks and the awesome emblems that come with them. Treyarch has announced the Black Market will return, letting you level up by the amount of time that you play. You'll be able to earn exclusive items in the market, but it will take hours to progress even a few levels.

There are also multiplayer levels, allowing users to climb through the ranks and prove their dedication to the game. You can grind all the way to level 55, where you'll gain access to the prestige master rank and indisputable proof that you spend all your time playing CoD . Reddit user wythalnation has figured out how much experience you need for every level and how hard you'll have to grind to reach the highest ranks. You'll need nearly 1.5 million experience to reach the Prestige rank, something that will require a massive investment of time, even if you take advantage of double XP weekends.

Here's the full chart straight from reddit:

CoD 1
Call of Duty Level experience reddit via wythalnation
CoD 2
Just look at all these numbers Reddit via Wythalnation
CoD 3
Do you have what it takes to go Prestige? Reddit via Wythalnation