'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Update 1.19 Adds Contracts & Blackjack Stash - Patch Notes

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 update 1.19 has just released, bringing the highly-anticipated Contracts feature back to the game alongside key weapon balance tweaks and Blackout improvements. The new system allows players to earn big rewards for finishing daily tasks. Patch notes arrive courtesy of a post on the Black Ops 4 subreddit.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Update 1.19 Patch Notes

black ops 4 update 119 patch notes
'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' update 1.19 is live on PS4 with Contracts and other tweaks. Read the full patch notes below. 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Treyarch/Activision


  • Contracts now available featuring 28 daily rotating challenges across all modes.
  • Hacienda Twilight added to rotation in Multiplayer.
  • Weapon tuning for the Daemon 3XB, Switchblade X9 and MOG 12.
  • Ballistic profiles changed to hitscan model for SMGs and pistols.
  • More maps added to Prop Hunt and Capture the Flag rotations.
  • Humiliation finishing moves added to Heist in MP and redeploy modes in Blackout.
  • Medals added to Blackout with new Merit rewards.
  • Sentry now available in Stashes and Supply Drops in Blackout.
  • New "Numbers" Death Effect reward added for completing an Outfit Mission in Blackout.
  • MKII Weapons now properly track attachment and camo progression.
  • Scorestreak improvements and fixes for the Drone Squad, Hellstorm, DART and Gunship.
  • Improved matchmaking in Domination.
  • Featured Playlist updates on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
  • Blackjack's Stash now available only in limited-time modes (PS4).
  • Hard Mode "Unsinkable" Gauntlet added to Zombies with 2X Nebulium Plasma rewards (PS4).


black ops 4 update 119 contracts
Contracts offer daily rewards in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.' Treyarch/Activision


  • Hard Mode Gauntlets
    • Hard Mode "Unsinkable" Gauntlet now available with doubled Nebulium Plasma rewards and Hard Mode-exclusive Medals and Calling Cards to earn.


  • Blackjack's Stash
    • Blackjack's Stash now available to find and open in limited-time modes.
    • Players can unlock only one of Blackjack's Stashes per match, containing Black Market weapons currently in the player's collection.

PS4 & Xbox


  • Contracts
    • Contracts are now available in Multiplayer, Blackout, Zombies and World League.
    • Up to six Contracts to complete per mode in addition to each mode's Daily Contract, for a total of 28 Contracts to complete each day.
    • Up to three Contracts can be active at once, including two player-selected Contracts and one Daily Contract for each game mode.
    • Daily Contracts will refresh every 24 hours. Players must complete their Daily Contract in each mode before the refresh, when a new Daily Contract will take its place.
    • Players can jump from mode to mode to complete Contracts in any order they like.
    • Possible rewards from completing Contracts can include:
      • Reserve Case(s)
      • Bonus XP in Multiplayer, Zombies and World League
      • Bonus Nebulium Plasma in Zombies
      • Bonus Merits in Blackout


  • Maps
    • Hacienda Twilight
      • Alternate-lighting Hacienda map variant now in rotation.
  • Weapons
    • Ballistic Profiles
      • Ballistic profiles on SMGs and pistols changed to hitscan to create consistency with other weapon classes in Multiplayer.
    • MOG 12
      • Dragon Breath Operator Mod damage reduced to increase pellets required for a one-shot kill at long range.
    • Daemon 3XB
      • Now requires at least six bullets to finish off a target with full health (up from five).
      • Added a third extra magazine.
    • Switchblade X9
      • Reduced six-shot kill range from 19 meters to 13 meters.
      • Reduced seven-shot kill range from 25 meters to 19 meters.
      • Reduced eight-shot kill range from 31 meters to 25 meters.
    • Ballistic Knife
      • Addressed an issue preventing players from using Dual Wield and Extra Blades at the same time.
  • Game Modes
    • Prop Hunt
      • Added Morocco and Summit to map rotation.
      • Addressed an issue in Prop Hunt where players could sometimes spawn inside of other players.
      • Closed an exploit in Prop Hunt where props could hide under the map.
    • Capture the Flag
      • Added Frequency and Jungle to map rotation.
    • Domination
      • Players will no longer join Domination matches that are almost over.
    • Heist
      • Added Humiliation finishing moves to Heist.
  • Create-a-Class
    • Addressed an issue where MKII Weapons were not progressing attachments and camos properly.
  • Scorestreaks
    • Drone Squad now takes longer to target players equipped with Cold Blooded.
    • Addressed an issue where players using in the Gunship could have their camera stuck in a non-functional state.
    • Addressed an issue where the Hellstorm would sometimes self-destruct upon deployment.
    • Addressed an issue where a player using the DART could end up seeing a teammate's Hellstorm deployment view.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Addressed an issue where players could bounce far away from one other when sliding into one another.
    • Addressed an issue where Zero's Ice Pick would not hack the Sentry or RCXD.
  • Featured Playlists (June 25 – July 2)
    • PS4/Xbox One
      • Capture the Flag
      • Endurance Moshpit
      • Barebones Objective Moshpit
      • Prop Hunt
      • Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit


  • Medals
    • Medals now available in Blackout for in-game actions including reviving and assisting teammates, eliminating a Duo or Quad, taking down zombies, scoring a multikill and more.
    • Players earn Merits when Medals are achieved.
  • Equipment
    • Sentry now available in Stashes and Supply Drops in all Blackout modes.
    • Sentry deals lower damage compared to its MP counterpart, acting as a nuisance/alert system in Blackout.
  • Humiliations
    • Humiliation finishing moves now available to use against downed enemies in redeploy modes.
  • Death Effects
    • New "Numbers" Death Effect now rewarded for completing Outfit Missions in Blackout.
  • Featured Playlists
    • PS4/Xbox One (June 25 – July 2)
      • Alcatraz Quads
      • Hot Pursuit
      • Solo
      • Duos
      • Quads



  • Featured Playlists (June 25-27)
    • Capture the Flag
    • Barebones Deathmatch Moshpit
    • Endurance Moshpit


  • Featured Playlists (June 25-27)
    • Alcatraz Quads
    • Hot Pursuit
    • Duos

Contracts are obviously the biggest feature of the 1.19 update. Under the new system, players have the opportunity to complete and redeem daily challenges across multiplayer, Blackout and Zombies alike. Up to 28 Contracts are available at any given time, with three active ones per player. Complete the task and you'll earn Reserve Cases, XP, Nebulium Plasma or Merits based on the mode of the Contract. As the weight of microtransactions continues to drag down Black Ops 4, the return of Contracts offers at least one additional way for players to get more from the game.

Alongside Contracts there are also dozens of other tweaks as well. Especially in multiplayer, it's nice to see that the SMG and pistol meta has been improved by the new fire model. While Call of Duty: WWII is still dominated by SMGs, the weapon class has languished somewhat with regard to Black Ops 4. Blackjack's Stash seems like a weird addition to Blackout, but Medals to enhance progression are a welcome addition. While there isn't quite as much in Black Ops 4 update 1.19 as you'd see after the launch of a new Operation, there are more changes on that scale planned for the coming weeks.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The PC version of the update releases June 27.

Are you glad to see Contracts back in Black Ops 4? What do you think of the other changes in the 1.19 update? Tell us in the comments section!