'Call of Duty Warzone' Most Wanted Contract Guide—How to Team Revive

This week's 1.20 Call of Duty Warzone patch introduced the MK9 Bruen light machine gun as well as the Most Wanted contract. This incredibly powerful and difficult mission allows you to revive your entire team, saving your squad from an imminent loss. Completing the Most Wanted mission isn't easy and the resources you put into solving it, could lose you the game. But if you are willing to put a target on your back, it's worth it.

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Call of Duty Warzone's 1.20 update has confused some players Infinity ward

Warzone Most Wanted Contract Guide

Bounties, which rewarded you with money and items when completed, have been removed from the game and replaced with Most Wanted Contracts. You can find the new mission in briefcases littered around the map and the mission activates once you pick it up. Your team has to survive for five minutes with your position on the map viewable to anyone in the game. Putting that target on your back does come with a lot of tension and responsibility, but with enough ammo and good positioning inside a building, you might be able to survive.

Surviving the five-minute timer will respawn all your allies, even if they've already lost their round in the Gulag.

The removal of bounties and the addition of the Most Wanted contracts has made members of the Call of Duty community upset. Streamers like Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag have shared their confusion with the change, since many thought bounties were fairly balanced and fun to play with. Now that they are gone from the game, there's less of an incentive to run around the map once you've picked up the weapons and ammo you need to hunker down.

The Warzone reddit has posts about the change, with some users thinking that the 1.20 patch has introduced more lag and bugs. "I can confirm that the voice chat has severe problems now and also I keep getting a random error message at the end of every round of plunder," wrote one user. "I'm like playing on one of the worst machines you could probably play on," wrote another. Though these are just players who could be trying to justify their play or computer issues, it is worrying that Infinity Ward's shooter has this many complaints.