Camel Chews Woman's Hair Off During Selfie Attempt in Painful Viral Video

The perfect recipe for a viral video is usually made up of an animal or a shocking moment. This video resurfacing on Twitter features both.

The clip sees a camel chewing a woman's hair as she attempts to take a selfie with it through a fence. The woman, named Karen as shown by the voice behind the lens screaming her name, begins by holding her phone at an arm's length away while smiling.

The perfect selfie setup doesn't last long though as the camel begins taking an interest in her hair. It isn't long before the animal leans in and takes a bite from her hair and pulls back, bringing the woman with it. Clearly in pain, the woman's laughing comes to a halt as a whole chunk of her hair is ripped from her head by the camel, who then chews on it.

Apparently not the person you'd call in an emergency, the camera woman begins laughing before the footage is stopped.

Twitter account @HldMyBeer posted the clip on Thursday, captioned, "Hold my beer while I get a selfie for the 'Gram.'" In less than a day since it was posted, the video has gained over 150,000 views.

Hold my beer while I get a selfie for the “Gram”. 🥴🍺🤳

— 🍺 Hold My Beer 🍺 (@HldMyBeer) May 13, 2021

It isn't the first time the clip has surfaced on social media. Though its origins are seemingly hidden online, it went viral in February as well after a TikTok account shared the moment. TikTok user posted the video, receiving over 500,000 likes since.

One viewer of the recently resurfaced video noted her dedication to perfecting her selfie, writing on Twitter: "Got to admire her dedication to securing her 'gram-worthy shot to impress her 'friends' even as the camel is devouring half her scalp."

"Not the kind of haircut she signed up for," commented another entertained viewer.

"Is the camera guy going to help all?" asked one user.

Karen certainly isn't the first person to get some unsuspecting hair removal from a camel, and likely won't be the last. In 2011, a local Virginia TV reporter, Tara Morgan, also had her hair eaten by a camel live on-air. The NBC12 news anchor was filming a segment on animal abuse when the incident occurred.

In 2019 a woman caught a camel attempting to eat her hair at the McClain Lodge Safari Tour in Brandon, Mississippi. Johnise Antonia Rushing had been feeding the camels carrots in the petting zoo when they turned their attention to her hair. Unlike Karen however, she told WLBT that she wasn't hurt.

Close up image of a camel.
Camels are harnessed to posts before a race during the Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed al-Nahyan camel festival, held at the Shweihan racecourse, in Al-Ain in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi on February 2, 2014. A camel ripped out a woman's hair during a selfie attempt. (Photo credit should read KARIM SAHIB/AFP via Getty Images) Karim Sahib/Getty Images