Canadian Government Illustrated a Legal Weed Farm's Size With a Hockey Rink

The Canadian government knows its audience.

In a report on proposed regulations for growing and using marijuana that published on Monday, the Canadian government illustrated the size for "small-scale" grow operation with an image its audience was sure to appreciate: an ice hockey rink.

The report's authors included the ice rink for scale in a section on micro-cultivation and micro-processing licenses. A "micro-cultivation license would authorize the cultivation of a plant canopy area of no more than 200 square meters (approximately 2,150 square feet)," the report states, before directing the reader to "figure 1" below.

The caption for that image reads, "Figure 1: Size of a 200 square meter plant canopy area relative to a standard North American sized hockey rink." In hockey terms, micro-cultivation crops could span blue line to blue line and about half the rink's width.

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In a report on proposed regulations for legal marijuana and use and grow operations, the Canadian government used an illustration of a hockey rink for scale in describing the legal size for a "micro-cultivation license." Health Canada

The micro-processing license would permit "processing of no more than 600 kilograms of dried cannabis (or equivalent) per year, or the entire output of a single micro-cultivation license," according to the report.

The report is a summary of responses that Health Canada, the country's health department, received during a 60-day public comment period beginning in late November 2017. More than 3,500 respondents, in both written and online submissions, weighed in on how Canada should approach regulations. The consultation included topics like licensing, permits, security clearances, cannabis tracking systems, cannabis products, packaging and labeling.

Canada is set to legalize marijuana by July 2018 and stands to become the first major industrialized nation to do so, according to The Washington Post. The government will amend current laws to permit individuals to possession of up to 30 grams—or about an ounce—and grow up to four plants at home, though the plants cannot exceed one meter.

Provinces would be in charge managing sales and distribution, while the federal government will set product standards and issue licenses to growers.