Canadian Man Has 'MAGAUSA' License Plate Recalled: 'I'm Offended That They're Offended'

A Canadian man who has had his "MAGAUSA" license plate recalled is furious at the decision, calling it "political correctness that is running rampant."

Roy Kletchko says his application for the personalized plate—which refers to U.S. President Donald Trump's campaign slogan "Make America Great Again"—was approved and placed on his Mercedes SL550 in May, the Regina Leader Post reported.

But last week, Kletchko was told by Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) that he has to return the plate within 30 days or it will be canceled.

Plates with political slogans are not permitted on personalized plates, so SGI has offered to reimburse him for the cost of the plate as well as cover the cost of a new one, according to CBC.

But Kletchko, who lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, has said that returning his license plate would be like selling his soul for "30 pieces of silver."

Speaking to CBC, he claimed that he had written in his application that it could stand for "Make America Great Again" but it was nevertheless issued to him.

He also claimed that President Trump's slogan wasn't the intended meaning behind his plate. He said that he pronounces it "Mah-goose-ah" and that it refers to an East Indian god of strength and prosperity and to Greek literature, which he says contains references to Magausa. Newsweek found no evidence to support either of these claims.

And Kletchko previously told the Regina Leader Post that he is a Trump supporter and decided to get the plate as a joke with a friend, who gave him the nickname "MAGA."

Kletchko, who was born in Canada but briefly lived in Dayton, Ohio, as a child, said President Trump is "not an evil guy" but has been "vilified."

John-Paul Cullen, Vice President of Licensing Customer and Vehicle Services at SGI, told CBC that the plate has been issued in error.

SGI reviewed the plate and decided to cancel it after customer complaints that it was against their policy, he said. Personal license plates are not permitted to have political, sexual, drug or criminal connotations, he added.

Kletchko has until October 31 to return his plate, but he wants SGI to review their policy.

"Frankly, I'm offended that they're offended," Kletchko told CBC. "They're trying to use their political correctness the wrong way.

"I feel it's the political correctness that is running rampant in our society today that is causing this right now. It's past the point of ridiculousness."

He added to the Regina Leader Post: "Are we not supposed to be an open society with freedom of expression and free speech? And now I have to sell my soul, my integrity, for 30 pieces of silver."

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File photo: A Trump supporter holds a "Make America Great Again" hat. A Canadian man is furious after his "MAGAUSA" license plate was recalled. Getty