Cancer Patient Breaks Down After Barber Shaves His Own Head in Solidarity

A viral TikTok capturing one barber's act of compassion is bringing people to tears.

According to The Mirror, barber Neftali Martín had been suffering hair loss due to chemotherapy. Martín's friend and coworker, Joel Ortega González, was tasked with shaving off Martín's remaining hair, and a camera was set up to document the moment.

A clip from that footage, later uploaded to TikTok, shows a visibly upset Martín sitting in the salon chair while González buzzes off sections of his hair.

Suddenly, however, González takes the electric clippers and starts using them on his own crop of blond hair. As González shaves his head bit by bit, Martín appears shocked. He then puts his head in his hand and wipes his eyes.

González finishes the haircut, using a blowdryer to gently clear both his and Martín's heads of excess hair. Meanwhile, Martín appears overwhelmed with emotion.

The TikTok has been viewed nearly 10 million times in only four days and has been liked over 2 million times. Tens of thousands of commenters have left messages of support.

"You are a beautiful person for doing that," wrote one commenter.

"God bless you! You could not have made a more significant statement of love and support! Respect brother!" said another.

Some also use the comments section to share their own experiences of chemotherapy-related hair loss. "You got this," wrote one commenter, "I've been there. I cried when I had to shave off my beautiful long hair. Awesome support from your barber."

Countless others simply say the kind gesture, and the bond between the two friends, brought them to tears.

"Crying like a baby," reads one comment.

"It just started raining in my house but only on my eyes," said another user.

Martín also uploaded the clip to Instagram, where he provided some additional backstory.

According to a translation of the video's caption, which was originally written in Spanish, González told Martín, "You are not alone," before using the clippers on his own head.

It also appears that González intends to keep his head shaved until Martín is able to once again regrow his hair.

"For those who do not know him," Martín wrote, "@imjooeel is not just a coworker" but "a brother."

"I love you bro," he added.

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A viral TikTok captures the emotional bond between two barbers. ROBYN BECK/Getty Images