Candace Owens Photobombs Kamala Harris, Says Senator Will 'Lose Gracefully' to Donald Trump

Conservative commentator Candace Owens photobombed Kamala Harris on Wednesday morning and told the senator she will not be voting for her in 2020.

Owens, the former communications director at Turning Point USA, apparently bumped into Harris while the pair were both waiting for a flight to Detroit at a Washington, D.C., airport earlier today.

"Great morning! @KamalaHarris and I are flying together from DC to Detroit. Just had a LOVELY chat about how I will NOT be voting for her in 2020 because I love @realDonaldTrump," Owens tweeted, alongside three photos of her with Harris. "She was VERY understanding because Trump is the greatest. She will lose gracefully—unlike Hillary!"

Owens' comments to Harris during their encounter was not the first time the right-wing provocateur has criticized or insulted the Democratic candidate. During her speech at the Conversative Political Action Committee (CPAC) in March, Owens declared that Harris would never become president and condemned her for claiming she smoked marijuana while listening to hip-hop in college.

Harris recounted her history with smoking pot in an interview with The Breakfast Club in February, where she said that she got high a "long time ago," before then elaborating that she was listening to Snoop Dogg and Tupac while indulging in the drug.

"She thinks that black people are stupid and the way that she's going to appeal to us is just by saying, 'I smoke pot and I listen to hip-hop music,'" Owens said. "How insulting is that?"

Owens, who previously identified as a liberal, came out as a conservative in July 2017, through a YouTube video titled "Mom, Dad.... I'm a Conservative."

Harris, who announced and formally launched her 2020 presidential campaign in January, passed Senator Bernie Sanders for the first time in a poll this month. According to the latest Economist-YouGov poll, while Joe Biden is still narrowly holding on to the top position with 22 percent, Harris and Elizabeth Warren surged to second and third place, garnering 17 percent and 14 percent, respectively.

Sanders, who had typically come second after Biden in most polls for months, fell to fourth place with 11 percent. Other recent polls have also seen a sizeable shift among the presidential hopefuls after the first Democratic debate was held late last month.

Harris emerged as the clear winner of the debates when she drew the loudest applause during round two after she confronted Biden over his civil rights history and credentials, specifically for opposing busing in Delaware decades ago.

Candace Owens
American conservative commentator Candace Owens encountered Senator Kamala Harris at an airport on Wednesday and told the 2020 candidate that she will not be voting for her. Scott Olson/Getty
Candace Owens Photobombs Kamala Harris, Says Senator Will 'Lose Gracefully' to Donald Trump | Politics