Dog Flu Breaks Out in Michigan: What are Canine Influenza Symptoms?

Bad news for dogs in Michigan. Owners have been warned that an outbreak of dog influenza is underway in the state.

The first case of canine flu appeared in Michigan this year on July 13. Since then, at least 70 have been reported. State officials issued an alert since that number is eight times higher than those reported in 2017.

A vet in Brighton told the Livingston Daily that the flu strain seen is H3N2 canine influenza, noting that there's "definitely an outbreak" and 15 cases were seen in the one clinic in one day last week.

How does your dog get canine influenza? Some of the same ways humans get the flu.

Dog flu "can spread through direct contact, like dogs nuzzling each other, through the air from a cough or sneeze, from contaminated objects like dog bowls, and from human touch, according to the Livingston Daily. "Symptoms include sneezing, fever, nasal discharge, decreased appetite and general lethargy. The main symptom is coughing."

You may also be wondering: Can dogs catch the flu from humans?

The answer is yes, according to " They can also get the dog flu from humans whose clothing or skin have been contaminated with the virus."

Here's the Michigan counties where dog flu cases have been reported so far, according to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development:

  • 1 Confirmed cases in unreported counties
  • Genesee - 1
  • Huron - 1
  • Kent - 1
  • Livingston - 6
  • Macomb - 14
  • Oakland - 27
  • Ottawa - 13
  • Wayne – 6