'Cannibal' Who Castrated Man at Cabin in the Woods Is Jailed

A man who performed an illegal castration on a volunteer in an Oklahoma cabin and kept the removed body parts in a freezer has been sentenced.

According to The Oklahoman, Bob Lee Allen, 54, pleaded no contest to five counts and was then sentenced to more than 12 years behind bars. He was given credit for time served.

The outlet reported Allen pleaded no contest to conspiracy to commit unlicensed surgery, practicing medicine without a license and attempted distribution of a psychedelic mushroom.

It added Allen pleaded no contest at LeFlore County District Court to a misdemeanor drug count and another misdemeanor drug count for not disposing of the removed testicles.

The newspaper said he believed the plea was the best option as "a jury might convict me."

It came after Allen's husband Thomas Evans Gates III, 43, agreed to testify against him. Gates had assisted Allen with the illegal castration, according to The Oklahoman.

On August 4, Gates pleaded guilty to three misdemeanors after prosecutors had agreed to dismiss three felony counts in exchange for the testimony.

In October 2020, the victim, then 28, was admitted to a hospital in McAlester, southeastern Oklahoma, and told medical staff that he had his testicles removed.

According to The Oklahoman, the victim had flown from Virginia to Dallas, Texas, before being driven to the cabin in southeast Oklahoma.

He claimed to have met Allen on a website that had a welcome note from "the Eunuch Maker and EM crew."

Once the botched removal had happened, the victim told police Allen had commented he was "going to consume the parts" and claimed to be "a cannibal," an affidavit obtained by the newspaper said.

The victim also said Allen bragged he had "six more clients on the way to have the same operation" and that he "informed him that he had a freezer with body parts" before showing them to him on his phone.

Investigators reported they found body parts inside a plastic bag that was being kept in a deep freeze in a bedroom inside the cabin.

Newsweek has contacted the LeFlore County Sheriff's Department for comment.

In 2020, a man who killed his ex-girlfriend before eating her body parts was jailed for life without parole.

In September, Joseph Oberhansley was found guilty in relation to the death of Tammy Jo Blanton, 46, more than seven years ago.

He was found guilty after it was determined Oberhansley butchered Blanton's body at her home in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Police car lights
Stock image of police car lights. Bob Allen pleaded no contest to the charges and will serve more than 10 years behind bars.