Cantor to GOP: I'm a Slave 4 U (Even When a Britney Concert is Involved)

The story was already priceless: Eric Cantor, a Republican leader who has been one of President Obama's most outspoken critics, went to the Britney Spears concert in Washington on Tuesday instead of watching Obama's primetime news conference. Now, if it we were Cantor, we would have totally embraced this fact. In fact, your Gaggler, in full disclosure, did joke to a fellow reporter after the presser that she likely would have gotten more out of going to the Britney concert. (No offense, Mr. President.) But Cantor is clearly not as snarky as we are. First, his office declined to comment on the record at all. Now, two days later, Cantor is trying to explain it all, and the story just gets funnier and funnier. According to CNN, which, bless em, snagged a Cantor exclusive on this, the House GOP whip, by his account, was basically dragged there to attend a fund-raiser for his leadership PAC—or so he says. He was just trying to "help the team," Cantor told CNN. The fundraiser was hosted by the American Truckers Association, which has a suite at the Verizon Center, where Spears performed. Baby, one more time? Cantor watched the concert with truckers? Well, not quite, but we'll stick with that image in our head. Anyway, Cantor refused to bring his own daughter to the show because she had school the next day—a decision he confesses made her "really mad." Yeah, we would be too. Says Cantor of Spears: "I hand it to the performer, she was something." You, too, Eric. You too.