Captain Sandy Gives Leadership Tips From 'Below Deck Med' Homophobic Comments and Crew's Ulterior Motives

Captain Sandy Below Deck Med
Captain Sandy Yawn on Below Deck Med. Bravo Media

It's not always smooth sailing on Below Deck Mediterranean (Below Deck Med), and it falls on Captain Sandy Yawn to keep it all flowing. The ship's charismatic captain doesn't get to see everything that happens on the yacht, because she's usually in charge of a list of responsibilities, out of reach of the crew's every dramatic moment. That doesn't keep her from learning with and about her crew throughout each yachting season, and she does one thing differently than most: she cares.

It may seem like a simple revelation, one that can be easily recreated in all work environments, but taking a deeper look into Below Deck Med shows it may not be easy to care for a crew full of controversy. Viewers saw how Captain Sandy formerly feuded with Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier, and this season, have already caught a glimpse into Chef Mila Kolomeitseva's homophobic views. With competing opinions and no shortage of drama, it's an inspiring note to work on giving genuine care to each crew member.

Captain Sandy told Newsweek why she does this. "I think when the crew sees that I really care about them, they start to care," she explained. "And that's how I lead. I care about them so they care about me. It's like a natural human thing. My motive isn't because I want them to care about me, my motive is that I actually care."

The Captain also spoke on how important it is for a leader to show they are not above the work of the crew. This, she explained, applies on a yacht or in a corporate office. "If you want your crew—I refer to crew, but it could be your staff—to perform for you, then do what you ask them to do. Show them that you're not above doing that work. Take time. Talk with them. It isn't like you have to hold their hand through it. Obviously, you have a job to do."

Chef Mila said that gay relationships are "not normal" and that she doesn't want to see two men kissing. She was slammed on social media by Ferrier and others.

Captain Sandy, who is currently dating musician Leah Shafer, distanced herself from Mila. "This is how I live my life: people have their opinions, and as far as I'm concerned, that's what makes America so great. We get to have opinions. That doesn't reflect on me as a human being," she explained.

Things could be different if it's a direct attack on the Captain, though. "Now, if they're insulting me, that's a different story. If they're assaulting me and attacking me then I will address that in a very calm manner," she said. "I'm a diffuser, I'm not an infuser. I believe that everyone gets to have their opinions. She's from a different country. It doesn't reflect on me. And if I find myself getting emotional over it, then I need to take a look at me."