Make Distracted Driving a Thing of the Past

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Make Distracted Driving a Thing of the Past Why Kei/Unsplash

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Your car's capabilities used to be limited by your income—bells and whistles came standard on luxury models, while budget autos offered bare-bones amenities. Technology has finally caught up to your ride, though, and exciting options like parking sensors and heads-up displays can be added to almost any vehicle without breaking the bank. These ten accessories will make your drive a joy.

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1 Car Technology Accessories - HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display
HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display

HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation DisplayThis safety-minded gadget beams your car’s navigation instructions onto your windshield, so you don’t have to look back and forth between your smartphone and the road anymore. The crystal clear transparent images don’t block your line of sight, and the HUDWAY is compatible with any smartphone. MSRP: $49.95. Sale Price: $39.95 (20% off).

2 Car Technology Accessories - Car Plug-In Air Purifier

Car Plug-In Air PurifierKiss lingering odors from pets or fast food runs to the curb with this plug-in purifier. It connects directly to your car’s outlet, then its built-in ionizer attacks allergens and odors without adding any stuffy air freshener fragrances to the mix. MSRP: $89. Sale Price: $19.99 (77% off).

3 Car Technology Accessories - ExoMount Magnet Air Universal Smartphone Car Mount

ExoMount Magnet Air Universal Smartphone Car MountDrive a little safer with this air vent smartphone mount. It clips on in seconds and has a 360-degree rotation and swivel, so you can check your navigation or glance at notifications without touching your phone. MSRP: $29.95. Sale Price: $22.95 (23% off).

4 Car Technology Accessories - FenSens Smart License Plate Frame

FenSens Smart License Plate FrameAvoid parallel parking fender benders with this license plate sensor. It installs in minutes and uses wireless alerts via the accompanying app to let you know when you’re getting too close to another car for comfort. MSRP: $149.99. Sale Price: $99 (23% off).

5 Car Technology Accessories - GoSafe S37 1080P HD Sony Exmor Sensor Dash Cam

GoSafe S37 1080P HD Sony Exmor Sensor Dash CamHaving an extra set of eyes on your car during a hit-and-run can mean the difference between a quick fix through your insurance company and pricey out-of-pocket repairs or medical bills. Sony’s GoSafe Dash Cam records your car’s surroundings in high definition during the day or at night, and the built-in G sensor saves images during an accident. MSRP: $169.99. Sale Price: $99.99 (41% off)

6 Car Technology Accessories - Aduro PowerStation 4-Port USB Car Charger

Aduro PowerStation 4-Port USB Car ChargerThis multi-port charger ends the squabbling between friends who want to charge their smartphones in your car. It simultaneously powers up to four devices, and it’s compatible with any phone on the market. MSRP: $49.99. Sale Price: $11.99 (76% off).

7 Car Technology Accessories - Ridy Distracted Driving Alert Device

Ridy Distracted Driving Alert DeviceIt’s easy to start checking your phone or find yourself yawning during long, boring drives — but it’s also very dangerous. Ridy uses artificial intelligence to analyze your blinking frequency and eye movements, then it sounds an alert if your eyes leave the road or if you start to doze off. MSRP: $129. Sale Price: $99 (23% off).

8 Car Technology Accessories - Black Box 1080p Dash Cam
Black Box

Black Box 1080p Dash CamThis dash cam films high-def video and crystal clear audio as you drive and a sensor automatically collects images and sounds if a collision occurs. The 120-degree recording angle captures every detail, and the compact design will never obstruct your field of view. MSRP: $149.95. Sale Price: $29.99 (80% off).