'Carbs Are the Enemy': Cat Fighting Toasted Bread Has Internet in Stitches

A video of a cat fighting a piece of toasted baguette has gone viral leaving viewers in stitches.

The cat's owner, who goes by the username, u/AzulaOblongata, shared the video on Reddit last Friday, where it has so far reached almost 35,000 upvotes over 400 comments.

Kitten hiding behind sheets
A stock image shows a playful cat hiding behind some sheets. A video of a cat fighting bread went viral leaving viewers in stitches. Getty Images

The video, which features a caption that says "I was told to this sub might like my silly girl," shows a cat trying to defend herself from a somehow threatening piece of toasted bread that the owner left on the bed for her.

In the video the woman can be heard reassuring the cat, whose name is Gallifrey, that it's just a piece of bread, but the very suspicious cat won't give in and just keeps fighting with it until she knocks it off.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) website, fully baked bread is safe for pets as an occasional treat, as long as it's just bread and not raisin bread.

And while cooked bread may be ok for your pet once in a while, dogs and cats should never be allowed to eat uncooked, yeasted bread dough, because raw, uncooked yeast ferments the carbohydrates in the dough, producing ethanol and carbon dioxide which is toxic for them.

Some other users focused on the fact that there's going to be breadcrumbs on the bed, and that's gross. One user, CFM5680, said: "What kind of monster eats toasted bread in their bed. I'm itchy just thinking about it." And MrSpreadsheets added: "Disgusting behavior... so many crumbs on that bed and eventually floor. Gross."

After receiving hundreds of complaints regarding crumbs in bed, AzulaOblongata gave an answer that hopefully reassured everyone concerned: "I vacuumed right after." And OutlandishnessAny256 said: "Thank you, now I can enjoy this wholesome video in peace."

Others tried to understand why Gallifrey was so afraid of the bread. Bubbly-Incident commented: "At first I thought it was another cat smh Bread looks like it has cat ears." Brian_06030 added: "And it's colored like a calico, and the cats a calico. Cat 100% thinks you ate her sibling."

NihonJinLover wrote: "She thinks it's a snake. It's the same reason my girl was terrified of bananas and lots of other cats are scared of cucumber, eggplant, remote controls, certain flat shoes, etc." Unwantedposterboy added: "Bread snakes are dangerous as f***." And Enzo_baglioni said: "Gotta watch out for the toasts! Even a few croutons can be scary if they gang up on you".

Huckamole joked that like us the cat may have actually been scared of carbs. "That's right kitty, carbs are the enemy." And Dumbkitty2 thought the cat did a great job guarding her territory: "You have a mighty defender of your home. Let no toast go unpunished for trespassing." AzulaOblongata answered: "She is the Gluten Goblin,... the CRUMB CRUSADER".

Newsweek has reached out to u/AzulaOblongata for comments.