What Happened to Cardi B on Her Prom Night Limo Ride? Fans Want Answers After 'Tonight Show'

Rapper Cardi B's co-hosting stint on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday has left fans wondering: What really happened during her mysterious prom night limo ride?

Cardi B, 25, hit Studio 6B to share hosting duties with Jimmy Fallon, 43. But she wasn't kidding when she said: "Things are going to be just a little bit different." During an interview with comedian John Mulaney, the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker recalled her seemingly scandalous prom night memory that occurred in a limo that wasn't hers.

"The limo that I ended up with, I didn't rent it," she shared. "You know, I just got in a limo and… forget it." The "Bartier Cardi" rapper stopped her confession midway before acknowledging "kids watch me now."

Cardi B remained vague on the subject, revealing no further details of her seemingly intriguing evening. But fans on social media, particularly Twitter, refused to let it go. Many begged for Cardi B to reveal the rest of her mysterious prom night story, and several others drew their own conclusions.

Omg Cardi B Fcked The Limo Driver On The Way To Prom Lmaoo She Was A Little Slore😂

— Instagram 📸: @_TootToot_ (@_TootToot_) April 10, 2018

@iamcardib please share the rest of your prom night limo story, inquiring minds wanna know 😬

— Crystal Lake (@iamcrystaLinas) April 10, 2018

Currently wishing @iamcardib will tell us what happened in her prom limo on @jimmyfallon 😂

— Vicki Street (@VoiceofStreets) April 10, 2018

Fallon and Cardi B participated in signature The Tonight Show segments. The co-hosting duo played "Box of Lies," which saw the rapper as the game's winner.

In their opening monologue, the pair continued to spice things up by poking fun at President Donald Trump's oversized coat in a new segment, dubbed "What Is Up With That Coat?" Fallon suggested Trump's coat "looks like his plan for the border wall is him," and Cardi B followed by declaring "it looks like they put his butt implants on the wrong side."

She also made her television debut of "Money Bag," a song from the rapper's freshman album Invasion of Privacy.

Cardi B, a Bronx native, is the first person to co-host The Tonight Show in its nearly 64-year run. This drop by also marks her third visit to Studio 6B. She had a memorable appearance in December as a guest, and performed "No Limit" in September with fellow rapper G-Eazy.

Cardi B, Fallon
Rapper Cardi B revealed a mysterious incident she had in a limo on prom night during her co-hosting stint on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." Here, Cardi B (L) and Jimmy Fallon (R) are pictured hosting "The Tonight Show" on April 9, 2018. Andrew Lipovsky/NBC