10 Companies That Trust Employees to Work From Home

10 Companies That Trust Employees to Work From Home

In a society where technology has successfully removed the gap between physical distances, it’s not surprising to see the increasing popularity of remote jobs.

And, while it’s always possible to approach your boss about working from home, there are companies that specifically hire remote candidates and are known for their virtual workplaces. Check out these companies if going to work on your couch has always been a dream.

1. Black Mountain Systems

Black Mountain Systems is an information technology company, changing the way the financial industry manages workflow, data, and analysis. With world-class hedge fund, private equity, and investment management clients, BMS adds operating efficiency and reduces risk—so its clients can focus on high-value activities and exceptional performance.

Speaking of value, BMS values its employees, and because of that it encourages employees to focus on getting their work done—not the hours they’re in the office. The company grants its employees the ability to create their own schedules; if employees need to leave earlier to commute back home, make a doctor’s appointment, or just work remotely—they have management's blessing to do so.

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2. Hudl

Simply put, Hudl helps coaches and athletes win. How? By providing a web-based platform where coaches upload game videos, make comments, and break down data for their players. At the moment, Hudl is used by more than 20 pro teams, more than 2,500 college programs, and more than 30,000 high school programs.

Do you live in New York, California, Massachusetts, Texas, Nebraska, or the United Kingdom? Perfect, because you have the opportunity to join Hudl’s remote team. The major company meetings are broadcasted on a private YouTube page, and Hudl flies everyone to its home office at least once a quarter.

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3. mywedding.com

mywedding.com is on a mission to empower every woman to create a celebration that is uniquely hers. The platform connects couples with local, national, and international wedding professionals, while offering plenty of advertising opportunities for service providers.

Even though most of the staff works from the office in Denver, some of mywedding.com’s sales teammates work remotely. As the company continues to grow, it’s excited to hire even more out-of-state sales consultants.

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4. BluBØX

BluBØX is a leading manufacturer of Security 4.0 Physical Security hardware and software in the states. It’s delivering the most accurate services possible to consumers and hopes to disrupt the physical security industry by introducing products and services made for the way people are living today.

The description “a virtual workplace” fits BluBØX’s office life perfectly. Because the company’s systems are cloud-based, employees have the option of working from their home offices. And, since Skype and Fuze standup calls happen daily, distance is never a problem for the BluBØX team.

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5. Next Big Sound

The leading provider of analytics and insights for artists and authors, Next Big Sound offers exclusive intelligence to help customers make smarter and braver decisions about their businesses. The company currently covers over 70% of the global recorded music industry and uses its data to predict the next best-selling artist.

Working at Next Big Sound could be quite the dream. Employees select what they want to work on, when they want to work, and, of course, where they want to work from. They then convene with managers regularly to make sure all is going smoothly.

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6. Dormify

Dormify is on a mission to make dorm and apartment shopping an effortless and fashionable experience. Through its collection of step-by-step DIY tutorials, thoughtfully selected inspiration boards, and stylish content on the Dormify blog, the company is transforming dormitories into style sanctuaries.

If you’re a student enthralled by fashion, design, and really all things beautiful, take a look at Dormify’s Style Advisor program. The program allows you to work from your college and contribute to Dormify’s blog—a.k.a. the go-to place for decorating tips, DIY inspiration, and college advice. You’ll gain serious experience in blogging, social media, and PR, and join a network of over 500 stylists across the country.

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TNTP’s ultimate goal is to end educational inequality. To ensure that all students get excellent teachers, TNTP has recruited and trained nearly 50,000 professionals since 1997. It has also launched the Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice—a national premier teaching award.

More than a few of TNTP’s job openings give you the option of working from home. Whether it’s the Emerging Services Analyst, the Teacher Development Director, or the Site Manager, these positions allow you to choose between working in your home and working in the TNTP central office in Brooklyn.

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8. Udacity

For Udacity, education is not a one-time degree but a lifelong experience. That is why the online provider is bringing engaging educational opportunities to people everywhere. With courses on topics ranging from data science to computer programming, Udacity’s curriculum is guaranteed to take your career to the next level.

If you’re passionate about learning and helping others learn, there’s an opportunity for you to work remotely as the Course Support Specialist at Udacity. The specialist challenges advanced students and simplifies materials for anyone who is struggling. And, because communication with students happens via chat and video hangouts, you can work comfortably from your home.

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9. Dolby

A leading global developer in technology, Dolby is committed to evolving the science of entertainment—whether it’s theater, electronics, music, or games. The company takes pride in having audio, imaging, and voice technology down to a science and wants to continue to wow consumers from the cinema to the living room.

The company’s on-the-job perks go far beyond having what Senior HR Representative Kari Sweetland calls the world’s finest espresso machine in the office. Apart from having vacation between Christmas and New Years and enjoying biweekly free Fridays, Dolby’s employees also have the flexibility to work from home.

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10. Trello

With over 4.75 million users as of July 2014, Trello is revolutionizing the way people manage projects and organize everything in their lives. Used by companies of all kinds, including Google, PayPal, and The New York Times, the project management platform is committed to making collaboration simple, visual, and efficient.

Trello has a handful of remote employees working from the comfort of their homes, and the company flies them to New York City for one week every year. Employees use this time to interact, collaborate, and mingle in person. Oh, and to attend that end-of-year holiday party thrown by the company.

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