19 Jobs Perfect for Extroverts

19 Jobs Perfect for Extroverts

If you thrive working in teams, get excited when a leadership opportunity comes up, and are the first to say good morning to your co-workers, chances are you're an extrovert. And, we've got good news for you if you are!

Companies are hiring people just like you right now. These companies want employees who can take charge, aren't afraid to speak up in front of groups, and work well in group settings. Sound like you? Start working on your cover letter and apply before they're gone!

(And if this doesn't sound like you at all, check out these openings perfect for introverts.)

Internships and Entry Level

1. Front Lines Associate

General Assembly, San Francisco
(Also available in New York, Austin, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Atlanta, Washington, DC, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Singapore.)

2. Campus Rep—University of Tulsa

Uber, Oklahoma City, OK
(Also available at University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas State, and University of Texas.)

3. Fall Session PR & Social Media Intern

Dolby, San Francisco

4. Prime Academy Instructor

The Nerdery, Minneapolis, MN

5. Inside Sales Representative

Virool, San Francisco

6. Global Fellow Recruitment & Communications Associate

Global Health Corps, New York

Mid Level

7. Restaurant Care Manager

GrubHub, Chicago

8. Account Executive—HR Professional Guru

Clarity, New York

9. Salesforce Developer

Braintree, Chicago

10. User Experience Designer

Omnigon, Toronto

11. Sales Coordinator

Quantcast, Paris

12. Senior Technical Recruiter

Nextdoor, San Francisco

13. Senior Media Relations Specialist

City of Hope, Los Angeles

14. Technical Manager

Gap Inc., San Francisco

Senior Level

15. Director—Product

Zoosk, San Francisco

16. Head of Communications

Venmo, New York

17. Strategic Accounts Sales Executive

Cornerstone OnDemand, Chicago

18. Advice Specialist

kCura, Chicago

19. Assistant Creative Director

Gravity Media, New York

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