Like the idea of working for a company on the cusp of great change?

At Newsweek, we are on a journey of growth, building on our brands and financial strength to get to where we want to go! Our mission is to foster global economic growth by empowering people everywhere with excellent news, analysis and information. Achieving this requires great people who are bright, creative, energetic, and who possess the following values:

Global in EssenceEverything we write, we build, we think about is global in essence. We are not constrained by languages or political borders. We are proud and passionate to serve the entire world.

ExcellenceWe are committed to excellence in everything we do. Excellence is our baseline. We are not constrained by the status quo but strive to always improve on what we do. We are in the midst of a media revolution, and; we want to be a leader. Excellence in our work will allow us to fulfill our mission.

RespectWe respect one another; internally with our colleagues and peers and externally with clients, vendors and partners. Winning with a culture of respect is the only way to establish ourselves as a leader. If we respect others, others will respect us.

Result-DrivenWe are result-driven people. We take great pride in accomplishment. We passionately celebrate individual success and team success.

BigAt Newsweek we think big. No matter where we are, we are hungry for improving the way things are done in our industry in an innovative fashion. We do not fear the establishment. If we can do something better than others, we will.

PassionWe are passionate about the opportunity given to us to make big positive improvements in people's lives. This passion transpires to all who are related to us.

IdeasIt is a battle of ideas. We believe that achieving our goals and surpassing them depends on whether we have game-changing ideas, whether we recognize them, and whether we execute on them. Great ideas lead to great success.

OwnershipWe take full responsibility for our actions.

SpeedWe have a bias towards speed. Time is valuable. Being speedy and fast-paced is at the core of our company's culture. We strive to save time for ourselves and for the individuals who use our services. Speed is not only a catalyst for growth but it is essential for our survival in the marketplace.

Newsweek team members enjoy a range of benefits and opportunities that along with our entrepreneurial spirit empowers team members to do their best, take initiative and evolve quickly in our fast paced environment. While each of our brands has their own energy and feel, our environment is overall both casual and high energy!

We invest time in our hiring process to ensure we employ and retain the best of the best talent. Human Resources makes ongoing efforts to evaluate and improve our culture and team member satisfaction, understanding that remarkable team members are the key to our success.


Benefits play a significant role in your choice of an employer. We work hard to make sure the personal and family needs of our team members are met through the benefit options we offer. Our goal is to empower our team members with the resources and flexibility needed to enjoy success on the job and to live a healthy, balanced life. Here's a view of some of our offerings.

Health and WellnessWe provide comprehensive healthcare coverage for team members and their eligible dependents. Plus we offer dental and vision coverage, and gym reimbursement. We strive to offer programs that help support team member both in mind and body.

Paid Time OffWe recognize that our team members have a life outside of work and need to take time to refuel. To ensure they are able to do so we offer a competitive and flexible paid time off package that can be used for needs such as vacation, personal or family illness, doctor appointments, school, volunteerism, and other activities of the team member's choice.