Man Beat Porn Star Carol Maltesi to Death, Froze Her Body Parts: Reports

Porn star Carol Maltesi's alleged killer has confessed to beating her with a hammer before slitting her throat, according to media reports.

Police made an arrest on Tuesday after 15 thawing body parts was found in garbage bags in a ditch in Northern Italy on Sunday.

Police were later able to identify the body as belonging to Italian-Dutch national Carol Maltesi, who worked as an adult actress under the name Charlotte Angie, according to a Daily Beast report.

Milan-based bank employee Davide Fontana, 43, was arrested on Tuesday after investigators discovered inconsistencies in his story.

While in police custody, he apparently confessed to killing her and gave details of how he did it, according to a Google translation of a Milano Corriere report.

"I started hitting her with a hammer all over her body, not hard. Then when I got to her head I started hitting her hard, I'm not sure why," he said.

"I don't know what happened to me. I think she was already dead but not knowing what else to do with her, I cut her throat with a kitchen knife.

"I told you all this because I wanted to take off this burden and tell the truth."

He also explained that he dismembered her body in three days as a way to prevent her from being identified. He had tried to set her on fire and eventually abandoned her mutilated body in the mountains of Borno (Brescia).

According to his account, the murder took place on January 10 or 11 in the morning.

Fontana also explained that he attempted to trick Maltesi's friends and family into believing that she was still alive for the next two months.

He told her friends, via text, that she wanted to "change her life, and leave the world of porn." Fontana also sent "kinky messages" to Maltesi's boyfriend, who lives in Holland, as to not arouse suspicion, according to the Daily Beast report.

After dying, Maltesi's body was well preserved and kept in a freezer before being dumped. Maltesi had distinguishable tattoos over her body which ultimately helped investigators discover her identity. Seven of her 11 distinct tattoos were intact when police found her body.

The authorities proceeded to try and match the tattoos to any known photos and issued a missing person alert.

A search of Fontana's home found a large freezer and the same style garbage bags Maltesi's body was found in. DNA evidence also linked Fontana to Maltesi.

Police are expected to continue with their investigation and intend to question Fontana further to find out more details about the death of Maltesi.

Murdered pornstar
Investigators found 15 thawing body parts, they believed, belonged to a young woman, in garbage bags in a ditch in Northern Italy Sunday. The body was identified as that of Carol Maltesi, and a man has been arrested. Instagram