Carol Weston's waiting for the letters to start pouring in. Last week she released her latest work of teen fiction, "With Love From Spain, Melanie Martin" (Knopf), which means that any day now she'll be flooded. Not with hate mail, certainly, or even fan mail exactly. She's expecting letters soliciting her advice. Loads of them.

This is because Weston's not just any teen-lit writer--she's also the reigning advice columnist for GL magazine. In that capacity, she answers questions from girls like "How can I tell that he likes me?" and "My mom says I'm not fat, but the girls at school tease me." Weston, who has two teen girls of her own, has learned that this is no 9-to-5 job. Wherever she goes, the letters continue to follow--including her venture into fiction. Her latest release is the third in her Melanie Martin series, the fictional diary of an 11-year-old girl. Each one has prompted a whole new round of letters. "Girls find me," she says. "How can I not answer?" If Weston has a fatal flaw, this is it. Though she's reluctant to admit it (for fear that it will prompt even more letters), she's answered nearly every question sent to her. "It's overwhelming," she says. "But I have a hard time throwing them out."

And if Melanie Martin weren't a fictional character, would she write in? "She probably would," Weston admits. "She's a wonderfully flawed human being."

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