'Carried That Guilt for Years': Internet Shares Craziest Sleepover Stories

The internet has shared their craziest sleepover stories in a new viral post.

On Reddit's "Ask Reddit" forum, u/skep_JoJoFan asked the question, "What's the most f**ked up thing you did in a sleepover?" Since it was posted, it has about 5,000 comments and 42,500 upvotes.

Sleepovers can be a lot of fun with friends. It's a night filled with movie watching, game playing and all-nighters. Popular activities, especially in the 2000s, that can be played at slumber parties are Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, prank calling people, telling scary stories and making some sort of art project.

Here are some of Reddit's craziest slumber party stories.

"Got a bloody nose... it was dark and I didn't know the house, so I stuck near the walls and went down the hallway and found the bathroom. Got the bleeding to stop, cleaned up, went back to sleep. In the morning, the mom came in frantic making sure everyone was alive after she saw smeared, bloody handprints all the way down the hallway," u/xar42 shared in the top comment with over 24,000 upvotes.

Redditor u/brreckelhoff shared a story with over 21,400 upvotes about their time in Boy Scouts.

"In Boy Scouts, I was the morning cook, meaning I woke up before anyone else to chop wood, make fire, and get water boiling. I grab the hatchet and start splitting a log into little splinters for kindling. It was cold and dewy. The hatchet slipped from my hand mid upward-swing and went flying... to the tent circle. It seriously flew 10-15 yard and fell straight down though the roof of a tent, where 4 scouts were sound asleep," he wrote.

"I'm not sure how long I waited to hear someone start screaming. I probably sat there in terrified anticipation for over a minute. Then I was worried someone might be hurt so I crawled over to that ten where the hatchet landed. I super quietly unzipped the flap, and saw it landed in a bag of clothes very close to some kids head. I snuck in, grabbed the hatchet, left the tent, zipped it back up, and finished breakfast," u/brreckelhoff admitted.

"I heard them at breakfast complaining that 'the raccoons' has ruined their perfectly nice tent by clawing a hole in it," he added.

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In a new viral "Ask Reddit" discussion post, the internet has shared their craziest sleepover stories. jacoblund/iStock / Getty Images Plus

Another redditor shared a story about a mild prank one parent enjoyed—but another decidedly did not.

"My childhood best friend had 2 younger sisters, their ages each 2 years apart. So we were 11, middle sister was 9, youngest sister was 7. We snuck into youngest sister's room (who was a notoriously heavy sleeper), and loosely tied a string around her wrist, then tied the other end to the ceiling fan. Turned the fan on low, so her arm was slowly helicoptering in circles while she slept. His mom made the rounds to check on all us kids a few minutes later, and started cracking up when she saw. Told us to make sure we took it back down before too long, and we assured her we planned to. She went back to bed, and must have told her husband... who most certainly did NOT find the humor in it. We both got grounded for months," u/sloopieone said.

U/HoosierKittyMama's story received 35,500 upvotes, "Played with matches. For years afterward thought I'd burned my aunt and uncle's house down. I was staying with them, my cousin and I were lighting matches in the kitchen and throwing them in the sink to put them out. The head of one flew off and landed in the shelving unit by the sink, still smoking but when we looked for it, we couldn't find it."

"It was the 80s so all those 'kids, don't play with matches' ads were everywhere. Hours later we were awakened by my aunt telling us to get out of the house because it was on fire. Watched their house burn to the ground and was terrified to tell them what we'd been doing earlier. I just knew we'd done it. Carried that guilt for years," she said.

"When I was around 15ish, which was many years later, I finally told my aunt. She started laughing and after realizing I'd been thinking this the whole time, hugged me and explained it had been wiring in the back bedroom. I was an adult before I finally understood, after learning about how fire marshals investigate fires that it wasn't just an assumption they'd made and could let go of that guilt. So I guess, technically, the most screwed up thing I did on a sleepover was traumatize myself for years," u/HoosierKittyMama concluded.

Sometimes the old saw "No good deed goes unpunished" is proven true.

"I snuck out of my good friend's house while she was sleeping. Met up with a some friends who were looking for someone to teepee, we teepeed my friend's house and then I snuck back in and went to bed. In the morning I had to act surprised while helping her clean it up. I still feel bad," U/banjoloveslove cringed.

Finally, a warning about the dangers of sleepwalking—and sleep-karate:

"So, I have a history of sleep talking/walking issues... and they're especially heightened when I'm stressed. I don't like being away from home so sleepovers are a recipe for disaster for me. Lo and behold, I woke up one morning after my first sleep over to the horrifying news from my friend that I started sleep walking, yelled 'KARATE CHOP' over and over and proceeded to ruthlessly swing my arms into my friends stomach, effectively waking her up out of dead sleep," u/-Defectiveturret- said.

"We were 8, this was the first time I slept over her house, and I had never told her about my sleep walking problems. She still makes fun of me about it to this day."