Cartoonists Commemorate the Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decision

A Supreme Court ruling legalized gay marriage from coast to coast, prompting America's political cartoonists to carry on with a grand tradition of documenting history. Andy Marlette/Pensacola News Journal

After the Supreme Court on Friday ruled gay marriage bans were unconsitutional, opening the door to gay marriage in every state, thousands of people rushed to courthouses to get married and even the most conservative states started issuing marriage licenses (though some were still fighting it).

Others celebrated by heading to the Stonewall Inn in New York City, a newly landmarked site for its role in the fight for gay rights, and to the Supreme Court itself. Meanwhile, amateur and professional cartoonists around the nation commemorated the day in their own way:

Mike Luckovich: Changing times.

— AJC (@ajc) June 26, 2015

My cartoon and blog about SCOUTUS and gay marriage:

— Bob Englehart (@BobEnglehart) June 26, 2015

My 2013 cartoon seems even better today... #GayMarriage #SCOTUS

— Nick_Anderson_ (@Nick_Anderson_) June 26, 2015

Gay Marriage: By David Fitzsimmons, The Arizona Star, Cagle Cartoons Related… #UniteBlue

— The Progressive Mind (@Libertea2012) June 26, 2015

New cartoon: America's flags #LoveWins #MarriageEquaility #SCOTUS

— Andy Marlette (@AndyMarlette) June 26, 2015

Cartoon from last week's New Yorker by Christopher Weyant... #scotus

— docnad (@doc_nad) June 26, 2015

Daily #Cartoon by Tom Toro: Friday, June 26th - The New Yorker #TomToro

— docnad (@doc_nad) June 26, 2015

@Mediaite cartoon on the SCOTUS decision

— MacLeodCartoons (@MacLtoons) June 26, 2015

MT @raymacaricatura: Love Wins in USA. Supreme Court reax cartoon by Rayma Suprani of Venezuela. #LoveWins

— Global Cartoons (@globalcartoons) June 26, 2015

When I checked Twitter this morning #LoveWins

— George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) June 26, 2015

There it is.

— Southern Poverty Law Center (@splcenter) June 26, 2015