Ay caramba! Will "Simpsons" fans finally get their movie? Nancy Cartwright--the voice of Bart--said recently that the cast had sat for a table read. Fox confirms a film is in development, but it might be a few years before Homer burps on the big screen. For now, let's check on other long-rumored toon adaptations.

'He-Man.' THE SCOOP: Babe Jason Lewis ("Sex and the City") has the golden locks. Will he get the title role? CHATTER BUG: Director John Woo should top the campy 1987 flick with Dolph Lundgren.

'The Smurfs. ' THE SCOOP: No release date yet. But "it's in our plans," says a rep from IMPS, which handles Smurf rights. CHATTER BUG: The project has been rumored since 2003, with Jeff Goldblum once listed as Gargamel.

'Alvin and the Chipmunks.' THE SCOOP: Theodore, Simon and the red-hot lead singer will come to life--how else?--through CGI. CHATTER BUG: Remember the "Garfield" catastrophe? Can these has-beens pull off a hit?

'Transformers.' THE SCOOP: DreamWorks is doing a live-action version of the 1980s series. CHATTER BUG: Fans aren't thrilled with Michael ("Pearl Harbor") Bay directing. But at least he'll rake in the $$$.