'Castlevania' Season 4: Will Dracula Return in the Next Season?

Vlad Tepes, A.K.A. Dracula (voiced by Graham McTavish), may appear only very briefly in Castlevania Season 3 (streaming now on Netflix), but his presence is felt over the whole season. Whether it is Carmilla (Jaime Murray) following the Dark Lord's path to power and glory, Alucard (James Callis) realizing he is more like his father than he expected, or the cult in Lindenfeld trying to resurrect him, the vampire is (mostly) gone but not forgotten in the world of the show.

If Castlevania gets a Season 4, however, Dracula could make a comeback for real to the series according to a number of hints in the current season.

The biggest of these comes in the final episode of Season 3, when the Lindenfeld leaders succeed in opening a gateway to Hell and nearly manage to bring Dracula back to life.

Though Dracula's return was thwarted by Saint Germain (Bill Nighy), now we know Dracula is able to return to Earth it is surely a matter of time before someone tries again and actually succeeds in bringing the vampire out of the underworld.

castlevania season 4 dracula
Dracula could return in 'Castlevania' Season 4 Netflix

Another detail from the finale might provide a further clue. In the brief appearance of Dracula, he is seen reunited with his wife Lisa (Emily Swallow) in Hell. As such, Dracula returning to Earth would offer a neat narrative parallel with the last time Dracula was on Earth.

Then, Dracula was filled with rage and vowed to wipe humans off the face of the Earth after they took Lisa away from him and burned her at the stake after accusing her of being a witch. If Dracula returns in Castlevania Season 4, he would likely be filled with rage again as the humans have yet again taken him away from his wife.

Even if Dracula does not fully return to Earth in any future seasons (which have not yet been confirmed by Netflix), Saint Germain's storyline in the finale suggests another way in which he can be back. At the end of the show, Saint Germain decides to return to the so-called "Infinite Corridor," the portal between dimensions opened by those wanting to return Dracula to Earth, in order to find someone who he previously lost in the tunnel.

Among the realms that Saint Germain discovers in this tunnel is a world that is exactly like the world of the Netflix show, but where everything is upside-down. Castlevania fans may know that in the video game Symphony of the Night, Alucard battled the final boss Dracula in a reversed version of the Dark Lord's castle known as the Reverse or Inverted Castle.

Though this could just be an Easter egg for video game fans, this could also be a hint that we should expect an epic battle between Dracula and Saint Germain (rather than Alucard) in the upside-down castle, with only the victor returning to Earth.

Castlevania Seasons 1 to 3 are streaming now on Netflix.