Severed Human Head Found Inside Box of 'Sex Toys' Woman Asked Friend to Hide

The remains of a severed human head have been discovered in a box in northern Spain, prompting the arrest of a woman in her 60s.

The woman, identified only as 61-year-old Carmen M. by local officers, was arrested on Saturday in the port town of Castro Urdiales. She allegedly gave the box to a friend for safe-keeping while police searched her home.

She was being investigated for the disappearance of her 67-year-old partner who has reportedly been missing since February. She asked the friend to keep the box in her possession until investigations had ceased.

According to a report in MailOnline, Carmen M. had told her friend the box contained only sex toys and had passed them onto her for fear of embarrassment, should police come across the box in their search.

While the box was in the friend's possession, however, a putrid smell began to emerge and she was prompted to see what was inside. It was then that she discovered the severed human remains and reported the matter to police.

The arrest took place in the Mar Llana building in Padre Basabe street.

It was not immediately clear how long the box was in the friend's possession. The unidentified woman was also treated for shock and panic attacks, local authorities confirmed.

A spokesman for the Spanish Civil Guard confirmed the arrest of a 61-year-old in relation to the case.

"A woman has been arrested following the discovery of a human head in a box at a property in Castro Urdiales," he said.

"Another woman raised the alarm after opening the box and discovering what it contained inside."

Although the identity of the person behind the remains has not been confirmed, local media reports have made strong links to the woman's former partner. The Spanish publication La Voz de Galicia reported that the man originated from the Basque country, was retired and had been romantically linked to the woman for seven years.

The matter will now be taken forward by local courts in Castro Urdiales, a seaside town in Cantabria that lies on the Bay of Biscay, roughly an equal distance between Bilbao and Santander. It has a population of roughly 30,000 and relies on tourism and fishing as its main industries.

Spain police cordon image file
(File image) A police officer stands by a cordoned-off street in the Las Ramblas district of central Barcelona, Spain. Reuters