Cat and Bearded Dragon Filmed 'Having Sleepover' in Viral Video

A video of a cat who is lying next to bearded dragon in a heated tank has gone viral online, having attracted more than 1.6 million views.

In the footage, which was shared to the app by an account called Alexistesaas, we can see a ginger feline lying next to the lizard inside its tank.

The clip, which can be watched here, is made all the more amusing by the fact that the to animals appearing to be ignoring each other as they soak up the heat from the lamp which is shining into the tank.

The footage has garnered a lot of attention on TikTok since it was posted on November 28, with nearly 400,000 likes and 9,000 shares.

The video was also reposted to popular Instagram meme account Pubity on December 2, where it has attracted a further 150,000 likes.

Many people have also flooded the comments section with their opinion on the bizarre friendship.

One social media user, Soph, wrote: "That cat definitely loves the heat lamp."

Another person, Ooga Booga, added: "They're having a sleepover."

Jillian joked: "Romeo and Juliet look different here."

Slimjim remarked: "Just a cat and a lizard vibing. Not a cellphone in sight."

Monicud made the pun: "You've got to be kitten me right meow."

Slxy_junior commented: "The lizard is like "no sudden moves" and the cat is like "just 1 move and I attack."

However, others were concerned about the bearded dragon's safety, with Doglover7111 typing: "No judgement, please move the heat lamp higher in the tank, the way it is currently could burn your Dragon."

Sarah Jordan opined: "I agree about those lamps though. Beardie is going to get burnt."

Although it depends on the lamps wattage as to how hot it actually is advise placing "a wire mesh screen cover between your bearded dragon's terrarium and the heat bulbs."

The website also explains that it is important to "use correct heat lamp wattage for the size of terrarium."


Cena was not having it today 😭😭😭😭 #fyp

♬ original sound - SexiLexi🤩

It suggests that, if you are unsure as to "what size bulb best fits your terrarium ask your local reptile veterinarian, or pet store for assistance."

However, it seems that the cat and the lizard are not always so harmonious when together.

A later video, shared on November 27, shows the cat clambering into the tank as the bearded dragon looks angrily on, its mouth open and body in a hostile stance.

This clip, which has attracted more than 7.4 million views, is captioned: "Cena was not having it today #fyp," alongside a string of crying-face emojis. It can be viewed here.

cat and bearded dragon
A stock image of a cat and a lizard. On TikTok a video of a bearded dragon and a cat relaxing together in a tank has gone viral. iStock