10 Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

While cats often lack dogs' unconditional love, some felines refuse to be pigeonholed.

There is consequently an array of options available for prospective pet owners interested in a more affectionate feline.

So whether allergies or strict landlords mean you are unable to own a dog, why not consider these unconventional cat breeds?


Abyssinian cat
Abyssinian adult cat sitting on the chest of drawers in an apartment. This breed can commonly live up to 15 years Vladimir Zlotnik/Getty Images

With their lean, muscled bodies, Abyssinian cats are as athletic as they are elegant.

But in addition to their physicality these cats are also extremely smart, meaning the felines are both friendly and easily trained.

Abyssinians' can crave constant attention, so this breed is a bad option if you won't be spending much time at home.

American Bobtail

American Bobtail
American Bobtails are brilliant cat breeds for dog people KimRaterman/Getty Images

American Bobtails are powerful and large kitties with shortened tails and a gorgeously orange coat.

These cats are also exceptionally intelligent and bold without being aggressive, attributes making them a brilliant breed for dog people.

Bobtails are both devoted and have a sweet demeanor, meaning these cats are frequently employed as therapy animals.


Birman cats a playful companions, while low-maintenance enough to entertain themselves Vadimborkin/Getty Images

Birman cats are playful companions that are low-maintenance enough to entertain themselves when their owners are otherwise engaged.

This cat breed co-exists well with children, meaning they enjoy giving and receiving plenty of affection.

And much like a pet dog, Birman cats can obey commands and can be house trained to a high level.


Owners report some Bombays can play catch like a pet dog FedotovAnatoly/Getty Images

Bombay cats adore giving and receiving loving attention, making them a superb option for those wishing a playful and entertaining pet.

Not only can these cats be leash-trained like a puppy, owners also report Bombays can even play catch like a pet dog.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon
Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat breed, putting their hefty size on a par with several small dog breeds Getty Images

Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat breed, putting their hefty size on a par with several small dog breeds.

But their proportions are also matched by their larger-than-life personalities, also similar to dogs'.

But new Maine Coon owners should, however, be aware these XL felines tend to be rather more reserved toward unfamiliar visitors.


Manx cat
Manx cats are prized for their dog-like affection slowmotiongli/Getty Images

Manx cats are a unique breed, not only for their tailless appearance but for their dog-like affection for people.

These cute pet kitties can engage in behavior often associated with well-trained dogs, from retrieving and even burying toys, to responding to commands.

However, once a Manx cat adjusts to you and its environment, the cat may not adapt well to a drastically different routine or home.

The Ocicat

The Ocicat
The Ocicat can grow extremely found to their humans, to a similar degree to dogs Cavan Images/Getty Images

This Siamese-Abyssinian mix is as intelligent and easy to train as any breed of dog, meaning Ocicat owners teach these cats to fetch and even be taken out on a leash.

And as well as being responsive to voice commands, this medium to large breed can grow extremely found to their humans—to a similar degree to dogs.


 Ragamuffin cat
The Ragamuffin breed is recognised for adoring attention like a pet dog undefined undefined/Getty Images

The supremely serene Ragamuffin is a perfect companion for those living in smaller spaces and the breed adapts well to changes in routine.

The breed is also recognised for adoring attention, with these loyal companions frequently tailing their owners around the home and even greeting them upon arrival.


Ragdoll cat
Ragdolls are a gentle, adaptable, and friendly cat breed Ragdoll cat/Getty Images

Unlike most other kitties, the congenial cat loves being held—indeed, their unusual name originates from their unique habit of going limp like a rag doll when picked up.

Sometimes dubbed "puppy cats," these fluffy furred felines are a gentle, adaptable, and friendly cat breed, meaning they are perfect for prospective pet owners unable to keep dogs.


Siberian cat
Siberians are an excellent option for anyone desiring dog-like qualities in a cat slowmotiongli/Getty Images

This glamorous and powerful cat breed is considered exceptionally appropriate for dog-loving homes, due to the incredible bond that can build between Siberians and their owners.

These Russian natives also display similar complex problem-solving abilities people prize in their pet dogs.

As a result, Siberians are an excellent option for anyone desiring dog-like qualities in a cat-sized package.