Cat Desperately Tries to Flee Swarm of Golden Retriever Puppies—'Not a Fan'

A litter of golden retriever puppies might be some people's idea of heaven, but for one cat it was nothing short of a nightmare.

The black cat wandered into the kitchen only to be swarmed by the eight puppies. Instantly regretting his decision, poor Morty struggled to escape, failing to jump up onto the kitchen counter as he made a swift exit.

Introducing cats and dogs can be notoriously tricky, but there are some tips from experts that can make it all a much more peaceful experience.

PetMD highlights how important it is to keep the first meeting a quick one – which Morty certainly took care of. During the first meeting, it's wise to keep the new dog on a leash and allow the cat to roam and get as close to the dog as they wish.

Cat 'Not A Fan' Of New Puppies
These stock images show a puppy tousling with a cat (L) and a litter of puppies playing together. Morty the cat was highly unimpressed about being chased by the puppies. Suzan Johnson /  Sharon Gucker/Getty Images

If all is going well and the two animals appear to be getting along, gradually increase how much time they spend together and when the time is right allow the dog to roam freely too. However, PetMD insists that owners need to be patient, as the integration process can take weeks or months.

The adorable video was posted on TikTok (@brittmisfitscoven) on February 11 and it has already amassed 4.4 million views, as well as 657,000 likes. The caption alongside the video reads: "Morty not a fan of the time puppies were visiting."

Morty's owner, Britt, states that she rescues animals, with content ranging from Morty the cat, rescue dogs, cows, a chicken and an owl. With so many animals running around the home, anyone would have thought Morty would be used to meeting new creatures, but welcoming that many puppies into his home was a step too far.

Doctor of veterinary medicine Michelle Gavin regularly offers her clients useful tips for integrating cats and dogs into the same home happily. Gavin insists that owners should "never force interactions" between the two animals and let them take it gradually.

She told Newsweek: "On the first day you bring the puppy home, put the cat in a comfortable room with all it needs. Allow the puppy to explore the house while the cat is locked up.

"Over the next couple of days, allow the cat out of the room to explore and smell the dog's scent while the puppy is locked up instead. Be sure to set up all the puppy's belongings separately from the cat's."

Gavin, who works for the animal rescue center Paw Works, also notes that the cat's routine should be kept the same as before the puppy arrived. They're experiencing enough change as it is, they won't want to lose their regular patterns too.

The TikTok video has received thousands of comments since being shared, as one user wrote: "Awww they were just curious about him," to which user @brittmisfitscoven responded: "I thought he would've been curious too. He loves big dogs, just not kids I guess!"

Another bemused TikTok user commented: "Being admired by a herd of adorable puppies can be very traumatizing for some special souls!"

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