Cat Hilariously Dresses as Darth Vader, Mark Hamill 'Can...Not…Look…Away'

Cute cats aren't hard to find on the internet, but this one dressed as iconic character Darth Vader has even caught the attention of Star Wars actor Mark Hamill.

The internet loves cats, that's a hard fact, but they don't seem to love it back so much, especially not when they're being adorned in full Star Wars gear for it.

An image of a displeased hat after being dressed in a Darth Vader costume has surged online after actor Hamill gave his views via Twitter. Hamill, now 69, played Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars movies.

"I...can...not....look....away," he wrote, referencing the cat's hypnotic eyes, in a quote-tweet of the image.

The image shows the cat in the famous Darth Vader helmet, staring intensely into the camera. Hamill received even more appreciation for his tweet than the original post, gaining over 7,000 retweets and 81,000 likes.

I... can... not... look... away... 👀😵‍💫

— Mark Hamill (Mar🐫) (@HamillHimself) September 17, 2021

Twitter account @buitengebieden posted the cat image on September 17, resulting in 3,000 retweets and 33,000 likes in comparison. The account regularly shared images and videos from the internet, and this one was no different.

Darth Vader Cat has long lived on the internet, regaining popularity every so often, but it's because of this it's difficult to trace exactly where it originated from. Instead, it's part of the metaphorical furniture of the internet, much like videos of cats flushing toilets and "one does not simply" memes.

— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_) September 17, 2021

For those who haven't been on all corners of the internet however, the entertaining image of the cat provided a sense of comedy relief.

"Instead of the heavy breathing, it's just purring," joked one Twitter user in response to Hamill.

"Search your felines. You know it to be true," tweeted another user, playing on the character's famous movie lines.

Another Twitter user shared a link to a YouTube clip of a cat's A cappella cover of the classic Imperial March, imagining it as this cat's theme tune too.

It's not the first time this week a cat with hypnotizing eyes has gained attention online either. In fact, a whole TikTok trend has been born revolving around the captivated look of cats, although not in a Darth Vader costume, but seemingly remembering their "past lives" in ancient Egypt—even if the historical facts don't exactly work in its favor.

The trend sees users play the sound of a ney, as the cats instantly perk up and stare intensely into the camera. Users claim that they're remembering being worshipped in ancient Egypt, but historians are adamant that cats weren't technically worshipped by ancient Egyptians. Instead, gods were simply sometimes presented in cat forms.

Black cat staring into camera
Stock image of a black cat. Getty Images