Cat Found With Taped Paws, Mouth Superglued Shut and Bloody Eyes Rescued

An abused cat that was found with its paws taped together and its mouth superglued shut has been rescued in Washington County, Tennessee.

Jonesborough-resident Anna Stanton and her mother discovered the kitten off Interstate 26 in March after spotting a small pet carrier on the side of an off-ramp.

"Something told us we needed to stop and check to see if there was an animal inside," Stanton wrote on a GoFundMe page. "When we went to check we saw that there was something inside."

"We thought it was a cat but we were too scared to open the cage up."

Stanton said she initially thought whatever animal was inside the pet carrier was dead.

"We stood there for a minute and I think I saw it move. It gave out the smallest little, meow. Just almost like a cry for help like, 'Help me. I'm not dead. Please get me some help,'" Stanton told WCYB.

A cat in a pet carrier
Stock image showing a cat in a pet carrier. An abused cat (not pictured) that was found with its paws taped together and its mouth superglued shut has been rescued in Washington County, Tennessee. iStock

After realizing that the cat was alive, the pair decided they had to do something to try and save it. So, they rushed the animal to a veterinary clinic in Blountville, although they didn't dare to take a closer look inside the carrier until they arrived.

When they took the kitten out of the cage at the vet's office, the pair saw something they "never could have imagined," according to Stanton.

The cat's front and back paws were taped together and her mouth and nostrils were covered with superglue. The cat's eyes were also very bloody.

"It was insane. It was the most awful thing we could've ever found," Stanton told WCYB.

Fortunately, vets managed to remove enough glue so that she could open her mouth, and also took the substance out of one of her nostrils. The cat is now recovering.

"We brought her home and are giving her lots of love," Stanton wrote on the GoFundMe page. "She has a long road ahead of her and anything you can give will help with all her vet bills. Thank you so much!!!"

Stanton said she had decided to name the cat Gravy in a nod to her grey fur. The cat is now doing much better and is eating well, although she had to be taken to the vet again to get more glue removed that was causing her breathing difficulties.

"The vet seems to think that she's going to make a full recovery," she said. "I cannot thank everyone enough for the generosity. You have made it possible for us to get her the best care possible!!! You all are incredible!"

There are currently no suspects in the case but anyone who has information about who may have been responsible should contact the Washington County Sheriff's Office or animal control.

In Tennessee, abuse or neglect of an animal is a Class A misdemeanor crime that is punishable by up to 11 months, 29 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,500 for each count.