Cat Gagging At King Prawn Has Internet In Stitches

A video of a cat's hilarious gagging reaction after being offered a king prawn has gone viral with more than 10.6 million views since it was uploaded onto social media platform TikTok.

The clip which had the internet in stitches was uploaded onto TikTok by user the_scottish_king, who boasts an impressive 1.9 million followers on the app.

In the video uploaded on December 6, a gray British shorthair can be seen lying calmly on a bed and minding its own business unaware it will be in for a most unwelcome surprise in the next few seconds.

Its owner, no doubt fully aware of what the cat's reaction will be, offered a single king prawn to it on a plate and placed it next to the feline.

Curiosity soon turned to outright disgust as the cat gave an audible gagging sound.

The clip was quickly embraced by TikTok users who liked the video some 607,000 times and then raced to the comment section to share their thoughts on what they had seen.

One commenter said: "I haven't laughed like that in over a decade, My tummy hurts."

Another added: "Oh that's funny. My cat would have inhaled that, plate and all."

A third commented: "Bruh the delay is killing me. That rested in his soul too long."

The clip is one of several videos the_scottish_king has uploaded that feature the British shorthair, many of which show its dislike for shrimp.

One video has been viewed a mammoth 74.1 million times, which featured the owner showing the cat an unshelled king prawn before it yet again gags after giving it a sniff.

According to Washington-based Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation (HPPIF), cats can eat shrimp—although it does offer some key advice.

While cats can eat raw shrimp, it is not recommended as shrimp can contain traces of antibiotics, fungicides and other potentially toxic chemicals that are eliminated in the cooking process.

Its guidance further added: "Though shrimp is a tasty snack for your cat, it isn't recommended to feed shrimp to your cat as a meal replacement.

"Shrimp is high in sodium and cholesterol, so it's important to practice moderation when sharing shrimp with your cat."

HPPIF also said to never share shrimp that has been cooked with species, oils or salt some of which could be unhealthy or even toxic to cats.

Only offer plain-cooked shrimp that has been either boiled or steamed and always be sure to wash it before cooking and serving.

Stock image of British shorthair cat
Stock image of British shorthair cat. The video of the cat went viral on social media platform TikTok. Andrii Atanov/Getty