Cat Goes for Spin Inside Washing Machine in Adorable Video Viewed 17M Times

A video of an inquisitive kitten exploring the inside of a washing machine has divided the internet with some enamored with the young cat's actions while others have urged caution.

The adorable clip was first uploaded to TikTok by Jenny Lipton alongside a message urging fans to wish the young kitten, who is a Munchkin British short hair cat called Taro, good luck ahead of a planned surgery.

In the video, the tiny white and grey feline can be seen tentatively approaching the door to the appliance before the footage cuts to the cat leaping inside the machine's main spinning drum.

The clip then switches to a view inside the machine, where Taro can be seen getting accustomed to his new surroundings.

Soon enough, the kitten can be seen channeling his inner rodent with the washing machine transformed from an appliance for cleaning clothes into a giant hamster wheel.

The video, which has amassed more than 19 million views, can be viewed here.

For the most part, fellow cat fans on TikTok loved the clip.

"He's doing his daily workout," banana_gachauvu joked, "that's more self love than I've had in quite some time."

Vivianvangoh commented that Taro was probably "a hamster in another life" while cardcaptorraptor suggested Lipton get her cat his own "tiny wheel" to practice on.


he actually had a surgery today so send some well wishes🥲💔(this is a draft) #fyp #catlover #bestfriend #pet

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But while the adorableness of it all was a prominent feature among the comments, plenty posted remarks calling on the cat's owner to take more care. Pew pew warned: "It's all fun and games until you turn it on by accident." Laurenbenoitt also called on Lipton and other cat owners to "be careful."

"One time my cat went into the dryer and my mom didn't know and she turned it on," she wrote. "He survived because it wasn't on for long but still..." Other cats, however, have been less fortunate. Bakubearz said: "It's really cute but that's how my grandma's friend's cat died."

Despite several users expressing concern, Lipton was keen to stress in a comment responding to one worried cat lover that Taro spent "less than a minute" inside the machine.

There have been several documented instances of a cat's narrowly cheating death after ending up stuck in a washing machine.

In 2019 a kitten was lucky to survive after spending several minutes stuck in a washing machine during a hot cycle. The Mirror reported on the story of Comet the kitten, who fell asleep inside the machine's drum and would have died had his owner, Naomi Thompson, not heard his desperate meows. Even then she was only able to save the young cat's life after performing CPR.

In another more recent example from 2020, the New York Post detailed the story of Oscar, a Burmese cat named Oscar who survived for 12 minutes in an active washing machine after going in to take a nap. He was rescued after his owner Amanda Meredith spotted him inside.

Newsweek has contacted Lipton for comment.

Cats have something of a knack for cheating death.

Earlier this week, Newsweek reported on the example of Trudie, a stray cat who spent 16 days in the wilderness without treatment after being hit by a bus. Trudie has since made a full recovery and has now found a new home.

These kinds of stories aren't restricted to just cats though.

There is also the example of Haddie, a dog who was left badly injured after being used as "bait" in a series of illegal dog fights. Haddie has since made a miraculous recovery and, like Trudie, is now looking forward to life in a new home.

A kitten inside a washing machine.
Stock image of a cat in a washing machine - a kitten has been capturing hearts and minds with her adorable interaction with the home appliance. vvictory/Getty