Cat and Hamster's Adorable Friendship Is Melting Hearts Online

Traditionally rodents and cats are sworn enemies, but this isn't always the case.

A recent viral video has garnered a staggering 93.1 million views because it shows the sweet friendship between a hamster and a large fluffy feline.

In the video, shared to the app by an account called Zeng_7999, we can see that the gray hamster is burrowed into the fur of a white cat.

A human hand then tries to pull the small pet away but it scuttles back to snuggle with the cat.

The clip then cuts to the two snoozing together before finally, and rather remarkably, showing the feline licking the top of the hamster's head.

The adorable video, which can be watched here, is captioned with the hashtags: "#kitten #hamster #cute #funny #pet #catsoftiktok #cuteanimals."

In the comments, Zeng_7999 reveals that the two are "good friends."

Since the clip was posted to the social media site on October 27, 2021, it has attracted more than 8.9 million likes and 867,000 shares.

Additionally, many people have rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the cute footage.

One TikTok user, Mohannad Hdaidy, wrote: "At one moment the cat was like (damn that tastes good, NO NO HE IS MY FRIEND) [laughing-face emoji]."

Another person, Melanie Burns395, joked: "How many licks does it take to get to the center of this hamster pop? The world may never know."

A third account holder, sugacat7211, compared the duo to famed cartoon characters "Tom and Jerry."

LeRoy Luginbill III exclaimed: "Your pet has a pet."

El added: "That cat's instincts are messed up lol [laughing-face emoji]."

Rab19690 admitted: "Ok so this is one of the cutest vids I've seen for a long time. Thanks."

Morgan Page Avella observed: "This is cute though. It shows they are comfortable and safe around each other."

Anna M. Jurado commented: "Much of the time animals that live together. different species get along. Anyway Awwww."

rayor007 remarked: "Aw [he] has similar fur color so the cat thinks is his baby [heart-eyed emoji]."

Speaking of unlikely animal friendships, a video recently went viral showing the heartwarming relationship between a pit bull terrier and a deer.

In the footage, posted to TikTok by an account called Brennalina, we can see the two animals playing together on a front lawn.

The incredible footage is captioned: "Momma deer and her canine companion #wildlife #dog #pitbull #4u."

Cat and hamster
A stock image of a cat and a hamster. On TikTok the sweet relationship between a similar pair has captured the hearts of many. iStock

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