Grieving Cat Comforted by Doll After Her Kitten Dies in Heart-Wrenching Video

Even if you are more of a dog person, this video of a cat and her toy is bound to make you shed a tear.

The adorable clip was posted to TikTok by user isabel.gracez, and it showcases the heartwarming way she cheered up her cat after her kitten sadly died.

The video begins with footage of scissors cutting into white cloth, and the overlaid writing reads: "my cat had a baby, the baby ended up passing away."

The next scene then shows a marker drawing an outline of a little cat, along with the caption: "She would stay up all night crying and looking for her baby so I decided to make a pretend baby for her."

Before Isabel.gracez adds: "I didn't think she would care about it but...."

The videos then cuts to a montage of the cat enjoying the little stuffed toy kitten, napping with it and cuddling it in different locations—so adorable!

The video is captioned: "I truly would do anything for her I didn't expect for this to go so well."

The emotional footage was initially shared on May 2, 2020 and it went viral, having been seen over 13.3 million times and received 3.8 million likes.

Many have flooded the comments section with their views on the heartwarming video.

One TikTok user, Sara Helmes, wrote: "Y am I crying hold up imma go buy a cat."

Another person, Kenma Kozume, commented: " I am literally having a breakdown, I'm be crying all day now [sic]."


I truly would do anything for her🥺💕 I didn’t expect for this to go so well.<3 #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #ShowMeYourWalk #neverfitin #cat #baby

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Ally Richards, added: "this is the most precious thing I have ever seen."

And kaedyncee, wrote: "omg sweet baby. I'm so sorry.. maybe you could look for someone selling/giving away a baby kitten?"

Another social media user, Sparkly._.Soup, typed: "Tell her for me that her baby is safe and they will meet again?"

If videos of cats are what you are after today, you may also enjoy this viral video of a cat "doing housework."

In footage posted to the Twitter account @nocatplaces, a tabby—clearly being held by its owner off camera—can be seen apparently tidying and cleaning.

First, the feline appears to scrub a pot with a yellow sponge, before polishing the kitchen counter and faucet.

Next the cat vacuums the plush grey carpet and tidies away toys into a wicker basket.

The clip, which has been viewed more than 51,000 times since it was posted on May 4, has delighted viewers.

One Twitter user, @papacathy7, commented: "maybe if i show this to my parents, they'll change their mind about letting me have a cat [sic]."

cat and a kitten
A stock image of a cat and a kitten. In the viral video, a feline cuddles and naps alongside a handmade doll after tragically losing its baby. Getty Images