Cat Who Lost Front Paws to Frostbite Hops Around Like Bunny Rabbit in Viral Video

A cat who lost his front two paws to frostbite has bounced back, quite literally, having adopted a unique method to get around the house.

In a video shared to TikTok, a heroic feline by the name of Rex can be seen bounding around his owner's home on his two back legs like a big fluffy bunny rabbit.

The clip was shared to social media by rex2paws, an account chronicling the courageous cat's day-to-day adventures on two legs. It can be seen here.


Rex is a cat 🐱 Not a bunny rabbit . He just hops that way because he doesn’t have any front feet. #cats #catsoftiktok #catlover #animal #kittycat #animalsoftiktok #fluffy #catbunny #viralcat #fypcat

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The video has garnered lots of attention, racking up over 7 million views already this month along with thousands of comments.

"Bunnyyyyycat," mynameisgabbi wrote. "Cabbit" Ladi Ansari chimed in with. Erin Abbott declared: "That is the cutest bunny-cat ever!" while Pheoberose asked: "Genuinely is that a dog, cat, rabbit or pillow?"

Another user, Husky Fam, didn't even realize what they were watching. "Didn't read the caption at first and watched this for easily two minutes trying to decide if it was a cat or a bunny," they wrote.

Meanwhile, HoosierLarky gushed: "That's the cutest thing I've ever seen!"

DavOh asked: "Just out of curiosity, have you guys tried prosthetic limbs?" Responding to the question, Bear04 explained: "Unfortunately cats don't take well to prosthetics, maybe a wheelchair but that's actually more limiting."

According to a previous clip, Rex lost his two front paws to frostbite after they froze off while he was outside and exposed to the elements.

But that hasn't held Rex back, as the various videos shared to the account show.

The Best Friends Animal Society states that while it may take time for a cat to adapt to life after losing a limb, there are steps a pet owner can take to help ease the transition.

"At first, your cat may need assistance with grooming areas that would normally be groomed by the now-missing leg," they explain, noting that "cats are resourceful" and "may devise new ways of grooming."

"Never let the cat outside unsupervised," they add. "If you want your cat to spend time outdoors, teach her to walk with a harness and leash, or construct a cattery to enable your cat to enjoy the outdoors safely."

They also recommend cat owners install ramps and keep things like water and litter trays in easy-to-access areas. Despite this, the Best Friends Animal Society believes it is important to "encourage independence and avoid being over-protective."

"Your cat must learn how to compensate for the missing leg," they write. "For example, the cat needs to build up additional strength in other limbs, so don't carry her everywhere."

Rex has already enjoyed one bout of social media fame after a video of him learning to walk up and down steps went viral.

It came just a few months after a paraplegic cat was filmed defying their handicap to dash across their owner's carpet in a delightful viral video.

A ginger tabby cat.
A ginger tabby cat is shown in this stock image. A feline by the name of Rex has been getting attention thanks to his unique way of getting around. Maryviolet/Getty