Cat Lying on Its Back Looking Into the Void Dubbed the Most Relatable Thing

The picture of a cat lying on the floor in an unusual position has gone viral on the internet after @weirdlilguys, a page dedicated to cats "being weird", published it on its Twitter account.

In the tweet which has so far received 8,530 retweets and 87,000 likes, the cat, whose name is Papple, can be seen lying on the floor with its belly facing up like she doesn't have a care in the world, and she probably doesn't, does she? The tweet also says that the picture was submitted by @CapeMarie, aka Papple's human parent.

According to research by pet food brand Purina, cats spend almost 70 percent of their life sleeping, which means that up to 13-16 hours a day your cat will be asleep.

The same research found that even though your house cat may look small and innocent, it actually shares 95.6 percent of their genetic material with wild tigers, and maybe it's for this reason that they can run at a speed of 30 mph.

Cats walk exactly like camels and giraffes. Their walking sequence is both right feet first, followed by both left feet, which means they move half of their body forward at once; camels and giraffes are the only other animals to walk this way.

Twitter users were left in stitches by the picture and didn't hold any jokes back. " Your cat has passed out after a night of drinking," said doebler_mary. Another user, Ultimaleaders002 said: "Contemplating what Michelangelo would do to the ceiling." "What a drama queen" BlueMist_CTID added.

Other users pointed out how cats sometimes seem to act a certain way in order to purposely annoy you. "And as always, right behind a door, so you can't get in or out without disturbing him," said F0ppy8. And bruno31441592654 said: "I want a cat-shaped door stop now." "GIVE ME TREATS OR I WILL BLOCK THIS DOOR FOREVER,'' Tynegall joked.

A user who goes by the name ronaldoOhio was quick to point out that even when a cat seems calm and peaceful, one wrong touch can set them on. "And if you touch the tummy, they put teeth on you." And Icras011 added: "That's not weird... that cat is a trap. Get close and the murder mitts come out!"

Another user, camiiilledelyon joked: "That's me dying after eating too much". And artisticbychoice answered: "This is me as soon as I get home from work".

Some users shared pictures of their own "weird little guys" lying down in unusual positions, similar to the cat in the picture, and others said the cat reminds them of themselves. "Me too lil guy, me too" said Mogget. And another user Deb51stParallel said: "I'm feeling you cat!!"

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