Pet Owner Builds Cat Nightclub Complete with 'Kitty Kat Lounge' in Viral Video

A pet owner's homemade cat nightclub has become the hottest ticket in town for feline fans on TikTok with a video showing viewers inside the box-sized venue going viral.

Cats have always loved cardboard boxes. According to a study conducted by Ethologist Claudia Vinke from Utrecht University in the Netherlands, felines are drawn to boxes because they view them as spaces where they are less likely to be pestered whether by other animals or human companions.

A good cardboard box can therefore make a huge difference to a cat's quality of life, so you can only wonder what the two felines featured in the video posted online by kaitlynnhollo must have thought when she presented them with their very own cat nightclub. The video, which has garnered 3.6 million views, can be watched here.

Constructed from several large Amazon delivery boxes, the "Pussy Kat Club" features a car park, as well as a cuddly toy dog standing outside the door in lieu of a bouncer.

However, it's once the video takes viewers inside the venue that the real fun begins.

There's a "Temptation Station" featuring cat treats in raised shot glasses converted into tiny bowls, while a bar serving catnip is visible in the background.

The cherry on top comes in the form of a VIP section dubbed the "Kitty Kat Lounge" where important patrons can enjoy a nap or light snooze if they so wish.

Featuring some mild disco lighting and a black floor covering adorned with brightly colored pieces of tissue paper, it's an impressive effort, to say the least, and fans were eager to praise in the comments section of the clip.

"OMG," Denice Jordan wrote. "That is so cool," KittyKatOCS commented, while Oliver..8,, declared, "I wanna be a cat" after seeing inside.

The gags came thick and fast too. Erinljayy joked: "Don't waste your time people, I waited in line for 5 hours only to be told if you're not on the list or know the owner it's a no go." Dazyaann, meanwhile, commented: "my cat said do the girls get in free."

Despite many showing an appreciation for the pet owner's creativity, there were a minority who expressed concerns over the lighting. Ballet hype wrote: "It's cool and stuff but mby you could make the leds go slower?" Preppy.x.o.vlog agreed: "This is too much for a cat. That's not cool."

Despite those concerns LEDs are considered safe for cats, albeit with a couple of caveats. Essentially cats should not be exposed to LED lights for too long a duration as they are likely to make them feel uncomfortable after a while. Pet owners should also avoid excessively bright or fast moving lights—the ones in the video are perfectly fine.

It is crucial, however, that anyone using lights of this kind around a cat invest in good quality LEDs that will not only help cats feel happy and comfortable but also cut out any risk of damage to their eyes, which can occur if lights are faulty or of low quality.

According to a message posted alongside the video, the nightclub is actually the work of kaitlynnhollo's sister Brooke, who regularly posts videos of her cat Gumbo under the handle brookesh4649.

Newsweek has contacted kaitlynnhollo and brookesh4649 for comment.

The video comes a few months after another cat owner went viral after showing off the special room they constructed for their feline companion which comes complete with a mini stripper pole.

Another cat proved a hit on social media after their owner took viewers inside their specially built bedroom, which includes a television for watching birds on.

A disco ball and a cool cat.
Stock images of a disco ball and a cat wearing sunglasses. Footage of a cat nightclub is going down well online. fergregory/ Natasha Zakharova/Getty