Cat Owner Challenges Internet to Spot Differences Between Her Identical Pets

A woman's picture of her two cats has gone viral on Reddit, and the internet is struggling to tell them apart.

In the photograph, which was shared to the discussion-based site by a user called Lazy-Squish, we can see two tabby cats sitting on the living room carpet, peeking out from below the sofa.

The pair of felines undoubtedly have an uncanny likeness, with gray striped fur and yellow eyes.

Lazy-Squish shared the image on November 30, asking viewers if they could differentiate between her two pets.

She wrote: "People always ask how I can tell my cats apart; and I can never answer how. I just know. Reddit do you spot any differences I can point out to people?"

The impressive photograph has gained more than 40,000 upvotes on Reddit, with many hazarding a guess at the animals' particular attributes.

One Redditor, Courtneyleem, asked: "Is one male and one female? I feel like left is male and right is female. Left has a broader head and SLIGHTLY more almond shaped eyes. Right has a narrower face, a little more round in the chin and top of head. Also the eyes on right are just a touch more round."

However, this was not successful advice, with Lazy-Squish explaining: "Flipped actually; Pebbles on the left is female and Rocky is male. But I see what you mean!"

Another person, Paradisesales, explained: "Easiest way for me to differentiate is the 4 marks on forehead."

1MrsZero07 wasn't sure, but typed: "All I know is they both look like they are judging your every moment."

However some people offered good suggestions, including an account called GoldHelpful2Silver2, who impressed the cat owner by writing: "Left: eyes are further apart and lower on face, nose is broader at the top. White around eyes is slimmer. Has more pronounced features. Dark lines over eyes make look judgmental or thoughtful."

The image poster replied, gushing: "Wow you managed to nail their personalities as well! And both cats weigh the same; however I do think she (left) looks slightly larger than him (right)."

Recently, another photograph of a cat left Redditors scratching their heads, but this time because they could not work out what was actually being depicted.

In the snap, which was shared to the discussion-based site by user Francis__99, a fluffy cat is being held by a woman and it looks as though her arm is going right through the cat's body and out the front of its chest.

Posted on October 14, the accidental optical illusion shows the woman looking down at the animal, who is looking startled at the camera.

"My sister's hand passing through my cat's body," reads the caption.

Although the image attracted many theories online, you can find out the truth here.

Two cats
A stock image of two similar-looking cats. On Reddit, a woman challenged people to differentiate between her two pets. iStock