Cat and Owner's Documented Friendship Dubbed 'Relationship Goals' Online

One woman's relationship with her cat has been labeled "relationship goals" online after pictures gained viral attention this week.

Lisa Drouillard, from Taylor, Michigan, shared the pictures of her mom Lori and cat Misty on Reddit's popular r/cats forum where it has since received more than 24,000 upvotes.

In a series of seven pictures, Lori and Misty are seen spending time together in the 80s. Close relationships with our cats aren't uncommon, and while many people think of cats as aloof and uncaring, a 2019 study revealed quite the opposite to be true.

Researchers at Oregon State University examined the attachment bonds between domestic cats and their humans, using a test where the subject spent two minutes in a room with their caregiver, followed by two minutes alone and then a two-minute reunion phase.

The results surprised many when it was found that cats have the same attachment to their owners that babies show to their parents. Kittens were even recorded as acting distressed when their caregivers left, and displayed happy and secure behaviors when they returned.

Online, one cat's love for her owner has captured attention after pictures of the pair spending time together went viral on social media site Reddit.

Lori and Misty the cat
Pictures of Lori and her cat Misty showing their inseparable bond that continued for years. The adorable pictures have captured hearts online after being dubbed "relationship goals." PandaS0ck5/Reddit

Drouillard told Newsweek: "Misty was adopted by my mom's family around 1984, at eight weeks old and mom was about 14. She was picked from the litter specifically because she appeared to be the feistiest kitten out of all her siblings. She immediately formed a bond with my mom, anywhere Lori went, Misty wasn't far behind."

The pair had an incredibly close bond for much of Misty's life. When Drouillard herself was born when her mom was 18, things got a little busier, but Drouillard recalls Misty being around. "I remember being a kid and Misty and I would both have French toast together on the weekends at my grandma's house," she said: "She even got a cake on her birthday each year. And she loved when I shared Nacho cheese Doritos with her. She was the best chonk."

"That's precious," said one commenter on the viral Reddit post. While another viewer of the pictures said: "How lucky they are to have found each other."

Another fan of the images said: "Wonderful cute pictures," while one Redditor wrote: "Utterly adorable photo set. A very cute kitty and a very beautiful mom."

The pictures were rediscovered when Drouillard was going through old family photo albums with her grandmother: "Out of all the family that has turned up in these photos, my favorite has been seeing the loving relationship of my mom and her cat through the years. Their love is seriously relationship goals."

"Absolutely adorable," said another commenter: "The love and closeness is undeniable. Thank you for sharing their very special loving bond."

Blown away by the viral reaction to the family pictures, Drouillard is thrilled that the post has spread such joy online.

"[It is] mostly people telling me how the post made their day, how much love they saw in the pictures, how the photos made them nostalgic for the 80s, or how it made them miss their own special relationship with their fur babies."

Her mom, however, wasn't as sure what to make of the news of going viral. "My mom had no idea what Reddit was, as she mostly sticks to Facebook and cable TV, so I was probably the more giddy one about the viral reaction."