Laughter as Woman's Cat Perch Review Ends in Disaster: 'Perfect Timing'

A pet owner's attempt at filming a review for a cat perch ended in disaster when the window her newly purchased resting spot was attached to collapsed, sending her furry friends flying in all directions.

Thankfully, no pets were harmed in the resulting chaos, with the resulting footage playing like a perfectly timed slapstick cat-based comedy sketch.

"If I ever do an Amazon review on anything, it'd probably be this window cat perch," pet owner Jennifer Rose Peacock can be heard saying at the beginning of the clip. "That's gotta be 50-plus pounds of fat lard," she says as the camera zooms in on her three cats.

A cat lying on a perch.
Stock images of cats on various perches. One woman's attempt at recording a review for her cat perch proved disastrous. Stefan Schottleitner/Sparty1711/Getty

In hindsight, it's clear to see the perch bending under the weight of the three felines. But, to the credit of the manufacturers, it's not the perch that ends up buckling under their weight. Instead, it's the entire window that comes loose, falling backwards in a spectacular few seconds that sees the trio of cats sent sprawling to the floor.

Despite the damage, Peacock is able to see the funny side and can be heard laughing as the clip continues. She's not alone in seeing the hilarity of it all either, with the video amassing 17.4 million views from fans left in hysterics.

"If I ever review the window, I'm going to give it one star out of 10," Peacock adds. "But look at that perch, still hanging on." Watch the video here.


Cat perch 10⭐️ Window 0⭐️

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Though her cats appear wary of their new perch now, thankfully, as Peacock confirms, everybody was "okay."

The popularity of the footage should not come as a huge surprise. Not only is it funny, but the video also taps into our love of watching clips of animals online—a practice research has shown can be hugely beneficial to the human brain.

In a 2020 experiment conducted by researchers from the University of Leeds, 19 people, including 15 students, were shown a 30-minute montage of cute animal clips.

Conducted during a period of exams at the university, the study found that blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety all decreased among the participants, 30 minutes after they watched the video.

Peacock's video certainly appears to have lifted spirits. Yogijocey_ commented: "My stomach hurt from laughing so hard after the window dropped the cats off." Jay4smoke added: "Omg I needed this laugh today thank you."

Adelaide BNY said it was "perfect timing." Steffyxo_ went one step further, writing: "I'm crying! That was purrrrfect timing." Jessica Raine commented: "I hope this review is on Amazon" while aquariusbydesign quipped: "I was just about to buy it too."

Newsweek has contacted Peacock for comment.

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