Cat Who Jumps Into Owner's Arms for Cuddles Melts Hearts Online

The internet was sent into cuteness overload by a TikTok video that showed a young cat jumping into the arms of his "dad" and has gone on to be viewed more than 2 million times.

In the viral video uploaded to TikTok by user @dennisandsweetdee back in October 2021, the bond between the pair was there for all to see.

The video, which included multiple interactions between the cat and its "dad," showed the feline leaping into the man's arms then being petted as a reward.

On several occasions, the man would signal for the cat to jump into his arms, while at other times it appeared to be almost instinctual.

Captions included in the video hinted at how long the pair had shared such a close bond, with one reading: "When he was little he used to jump on his dad."

Another caption added: "And he's still doing it a whole year later."

As of Tuesday afternoon, the clip has been viewed more than 2 million times and has gone on to be liked on some 208,300 occasions.

TikTok users raced to the comment section, keen to share how their own cats behaved with them.

One TikTok user commented: "I really think cats pick their person and they don't leave them. My kitty sleeps under my blanket."

Another said: "Awww! My cat does this too, but from under the bed to my ankles. More aggressively."

A third posted: "Ok, so it's not only my cat that demands hugs."


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♬ Perfect - Ed Sheeran

The video can also be seen here.

Since uploading the video in October, @dennisandsweetdee has shared many videos of the cat jumping into his owner's arms, which followers have fawned over.

Cats have long carved up a slice of the internet for themselves, with owners keen to show off their felines' adorable antics.

In a clip uploaded earlier this month, a somersaulting cat won over a host of TikTok users who adored its commanding acrobatic skills. The video, now seen more than 2.5 million times, showed fluffy black feline Norah being able to somersault on command.

In one video, an owner says off-camera "do it," and Norah promptly does a flip. "Yay good job, do another one," the owner says again to which Norah obliges.

The video then cuts to another cat, Miso, with the owner asking: "What can you do? Nothing. Okay."

Miso then gives a doleful meow in response in the video captioned: "One sister is more talented than the other."

Stock image of man holding cat
Stock image of man holding cat. A video on TikTok of a cat jumping into its owner's arms has been viewed more than 2 million times. Getty

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